1. P

    Lost Phone on Uber $100 reward LA

    We just left one of our phones in an Uber in Los Angeles about an hour ago and can’t get a hold of our driver. It’s a black Galaxy A50, it’s got all our kids photos and other sentimental stuff, plus we need it for work and travel. we called and left a voice message, which also told us the...
  2. S

    Lost Phone. Caringbah, NSW

    Hi all, I lost my phone in an Uber yesterday morning 08:45 (Sunday 26th January) from Caringbah station in Sydney, NSW. Driver was in a Toyota Camry. I've tried contacting the driver (via the Uber help pages) and it goes to voicemail. So this is my last hope. Anyone know drivers around there?
  3. Kurt Halfyard

    Charging Cables

    The only perquisite (besides heated seats in the back) in my car is Charge Cables upon request. I typically use the LYFT AMP cable for pax with Android phones, and my spare Lightning cable (which I keep in the dash console) for Apple Phones. I don't have a USB C charger cable, but the only PAX...
  4. F

    Phone overheating whilst working

    As the weather is starting to get hot, I'm having a huge problem with my phone overheating whilst using the Uber app. I have a Samsung Galaxy S7. Often it will stop charging midway through the trip, and a warning message will come up, telling me that the phone temperature is too hot and it...
  5. I

    Found phone in my car.

    I was drooping off a family at their house and their kids found an iPhone in my car and couple said some pax must have forgotten or accidentally dropped off in the car and they gave it to me. I was hoping pax must contact me either via Lyft or Uber since it is an expensive iPhone. The iPhone...
  6. BurgerTiime

    Minnesota House passes hands-free cell phone bill The Minnesota House voted 106-21 Monday night for a bill that bans people from using hand held phones while driving. The law already bans motorists from emailing, texting and web browsing while driving...
  7. BurgerTiime

    Lyft driver gives herself tip, good review when customer forgets phone, police say A Lyft driver in Michigan is in trouble after allegedly giving herself a tip and a good review on a phone a customer left in her car. The customer...
  8. Daniello

    Lycamobile phone plan

    I have 4 options to choose from below, Is 1 GB good enough for a part time Uber Driver? $5 - 500 MB National Data $10 - 1 GB National Data $19 - 1 GB National Data plus unlimited talk and text $23 - 2 GB National Data plus unlimited talk and text
  9. Lissetti

    I'm Holding Up a Purple Light on My Phone.

    .....Means I want to slap it out of your hand! Uber's new pre-designed pickup message located on the rider app is really working my nerves! Now the riders can select a canned message already stored within the app, and with just a push of a button, they can send it to the driver...
  10. BurgerTiime

    Moron robs person at gunpoint and uses stolen phone to order UberEats

    This is some level of stupid A man was denied bail Saturday after he allegedly robbed someone at gunpoint and then used the stolen phone to deliver food to himself—thereby alerting authorities to his location...
  11. WestSydGuy

    Optus Network Struggles

    Did anyone else using Optus experience a few job cancellations due to ‘error’ on Saturday evening, between 8:50pm and 9:40pm? I noticed my phone dropped to 3G and I didn’t receive any new jobs after a few errored out after accepting. I went offline at 9:40pm for an hour and it was fine after...
  12. Uncle Freddie

    Can someone possibly explain what happened to me today and if I was hacked?

    Hi, Can someone possibly explain what happened to me today and if I was hacked? I am an Uber passenger, not a driver. I think I was hacked by an Uber driver, or someone posing as Uber Support, or some kind of man-in-the-middle attack. Here is what happened. Pay special attention to the timing...
  13. kamenliter

    The Right Thing To Do With Lost Phone...?

    Last night I had three High School girls in the car in affluent Upper Saddle River, NJ (million dollar + homes)...Drove them about 10 minutes from one house to the home of one of the girls. On my way to the next Pax, I look in the back seat and one of the girls left her phone on the back seat...
  14. I

    Assulted by drunk passenger.

    I picked up two drunk black guys from brooklyn. They had ordered lyft line and then another rider added. So, third passenger was a black lady. After picker her up i was heading towards queens to drop to first passenger(two drunk guys). One guy named TJ started using foul and vulgar language to...
  15. BurgerTiime

    Driver caught on video; Uber self-driving car crashes into another car in Pittsburgh

    Facebook video: An Uber self-driving car collided with another vehicle in Pittsburgh on February 24 in an incident first reported by Pittsburgh's channel 11last week. No one was seriously injured, but the...
  16. Kurt Halfyard

    Toronto LYFT Hub - Phone Number (or Email)

    Is there a direct phone number or email address for the Toronto LYFT Hub? There are somethings that cannot be addressed via their Call Centre in Georgia, and my hours prohibit stopping by the Hub in person. Anyone have Tim Houghton's email address?
  17. BurgerTiime

    Uber driver plays VIDEO GAME on his phone as he speeds along busy London street

    Driver is filmed taking his eyes off the road and tapping at his phone as he hurtles down a London street The footage clearly shows the driver swiping repeatedly on his tapping at the device since they set off...
  18. S

    Any phone numbers for uber office.

    Customer service is no help need to talk to someone in usa about issues.
  19. H

    Free Card Phone Mount (Paper Craft)

    I know many drivers' might bought their own smartphone mount for doing uber but I think this free method might a good idea for some newbies you can easily make your own by free flyers or some papers anyone interested?