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phone mount

  1. Jack Malarkey

    Phone movement

    This afternoon, I received a message from Uber via the app. The message stated they had 'detected unusual phone movement during one of my Uber trips'. It went on to state that 'using a phone mount can help ensure the safety of you and your passengers'. I do use an approved mount. I think...
  2. FAC

    Another Android Question - magnet mounts

    it's the android newbie again with another question. I only have magnetic mounts in my car and I noticed my LG v10 won't charge while mounted. Is that normal? Does it have to do with fast charging or something like that? The battery life of the phone is limited. But I do have an extra battery...
  3. Scosche Industries

    #1 Vehicle Mount for smartphones (and tablets)

    Hello Uber drivers! Let me introduce you to a terrific product, already being used by some in the Uber community we understand, that will be a highly useful addition to your in-vehicle environment. It’s called the Scosche MagicMount™ Magnetic Mount for Mobile Devices and it’s the #1 Mount Brand...
  4. MulletMan

    Show us the setup with the most useful gadgets

    I've been Ubering and Lyfting for about six weeks. I've been working on getting a nice setup for myself and pax. So far I have: Galaxy 5s for Lyft- waze Galaxy note 4 for Uber- waze Samsung 10" tablet for aux navigation- google maps Nuvi 2689 LMT for 2nd backup nav- gps Falcon F360 dashcam...
  5. D

    Great cell phone car holder

    I got this one, that works great , only $7.99 Search " B010PV5HUQ " on Amazon , you will find it