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phone holder

  1. JD Canada

    Durable wireless phone charger and magnetic holder.

    I am looking for a fast charging wireless and magnetic phone holder, for my Samsung Note 8. I did find a few products on Amazon.ca, but I am not sure if they are any good. Please share what you use... Brand and model no of the accessory. A picture of the product will really help... I hate the...
  2. FAC

    Another Android Question - magnet mounts

    it's the android newbie again with another question. I only have magnetic mounts in my car and I noticed my LG v10 won't charge while mounted. Is that normal? Does it have to do with fast charging or something like that? The battery life of the phone is limited. But I do have an extra battery...
  3. D

    Great cell phone car holder

    I got this one, that works great , only $7.99 Search " B010PV5HUQ " on Amazon , you will find it