1. ecarpio

    I feared for my life...

    Yesterday morning after a PHL drop off, I headed to the PHL lot because there were only 10 cars on Über and 7 on Lyft. It’s crazy how it only showed very few cars but when I arrived at the lot, there was an ant farm in there, at least 35-40 cars. I should’ve drove away. I thought it was a quick...
  2. ecarpio

    Pick and choose:

    Which one would you pick?
  3. ecarpio

    Why did Über reduce the PHL waiting lot?

    I remember you could stop at the WaWa for gas or to use the restroom while on the waiting quest.
  4. ecarpio

    Hydroplaning Is real!

    Tonight I saw at least 7 accidents. Most of them on I-95 near PHL. Be safe out there. Fact: hydroplaning can occur when driving at 35 MPH or faster.
  5. ecarpio

    The PHL Greenlight Hub will be closed on Saturday, 04/29 and will reopen on Monday, 05/01

    Did anybody else get this text from Uber?
  6. Alan Fink

    Philly Airport queue

    Here is my message to support on Monday, November 14, 2016. "Ever since the last update, I cannot see the Phila Airport queue unless I am On Line. I live near the airport if the wait 10 minutes or less, I'll head there. If I am home and Off Line, I used to use the airport queue as a gauge to...
  7. H

    Picking up at PHL

    Folks, If I have a NYC TLC license and a TLC registered car, Am I able to pickup at PHL. If so, what is the process? Do I wait in the cell phone lot, curbside or is there a limo line. Thanls