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  1. ZenUber

    Luckiest Bicycle Rider in Philly

    I was rooting for the car.
  2. ZenUber

    The surge is back

    The whole city of Philadelphia is Surging. A big fat surge covering the city. I got three rides in it before it was gone. It was too big, and lasted too long to be a fluke. Surge, surge, surgety surge.
  3. ZenUber

    I don't know what to call this. Crazy guy in street?

    This is Philly. Don't know what to make of it. Don't know if I need a gun or a sense of humor. I was a captive audience. Cars lined up behind me. Everybody watched. Nobody beeped. I guess it's OK to post this, since the guy wasn't a pax. Crazy Guy
  4. Antvirus

    Meet Your Future AI Drivers

    https://thispersondoesnotexist.com/ Best not to look it directly in the eyes...
  5. Antvirus

    Lost Item At Wells Fargo Center (76ers)

    I picked up this gentleman and his wife in Old City around 1pm today. He was one of those front runner Philadelphia fans that doesn't know jack shit about basketball and is clearly along for the ride. He had the Eastern Conference ALLLLL figured out. Here was his plan: Pax: "Well, we win today...
  6. Antvirus

    Penn Students I Want To Swerve Into At A High Speed But Legally Can't

    Penn Students. The elite. They walk in the middle of a busy intersection while optically conjoined with their Iphone +++ They say "yaaasss' "I'm living my best life" & brag about their Insta fans (LOL just kidding) "but like tots's seriously..." They are the future leaders of science, medicine...
  7. T

    Philadelphia rides per day? Tips?

    Hello everyone, I am new to the forum and will be new to the area next week. I used to do Uber in NJ when I was in college a couple years ago, but have never done it in PA before. My question, as I'm coming back from being out of the country for a couple years I rented a car from Lyft's...
  8. M

    I have never seen a promotion for Philly area

    I’ve been driving for 5 months and have yet to see a promotion/quest/boost for philly. (Only super bowl parade day). Is that common and if not what should I do? I’d like to maximize my earnings obviously
  9. M

    Is there a way to see the live surge in a neighboring state?

    I live in South Jersey and usually drive in Philadelphia which happens to be 20min away from me. I have to pay a toll to go over there and it’s worth it because of the amount of rides you get as well as higher payout. Looking for a way to see the current live Uber driver map in the neighboring...
  10. deliveryboychronicles

    Payout Newbie advice

    Hey guys I delivered on the Sat. 9th and got paid on the Wed. 13th... Listed on the site it says we get paid every Thirsday/Friday... that was a Wednesday. I'm not complaining but I want to create a organized schedule for my pay days being as though I do two other services. Is there actually...
  11. BurgerTiime

    Uber refunds drivers it overcharged then raised its commission the SAME DAY!

    Uber refunds drivers it overcharged as they join a union http://www.philly.com/philly/business/labor_and_unions/Uber-refunds-drivers-it-overcharged-as-they-join-a-union-labor.html?mobi=true @JaneVonBergen | jvonbergen@phillynews.com On the same day that Uber Technologies refunded millions of...
  12. J

    New to Uber

    Will be doing my first Uber trip tomorrow. Needing to do this as a full time job until I can get off disability and go back to my regular job (Also looking for other employment if anyone out there is looking to hire). All I've seen is how dead it is in Lehigh Valley on these forums, so my...
  13. UberSchmuber

    Phishing in Philly and other observations...

    Had a fare take me to Philly Airport for the 1st time on Tuesday. I have to say, I really liked the setup they have down there. A que system they BADLY need in EWR, the TNC lot near the terminals AND a Wawa near by that you can still stay in the que while making a pit stop. Waited about 25...
  14. UberNena

    I finally did it!!

    "The fears we don't face become our limits!" Hi Everyone! I'm new to uber and this is my first post. I have enjoyed reading a lot of the other posts and wanted to share my experience thus far (in case someone like me is out there and it might help them). I'm between jobs right now and need to...
  15. black rhino

    Considering Uber through Xchange car leasing. Any advice out there?

    Total expenses per month, including gas, lease, and insurance, are $1200. That doesn't include Scotch Guard or car washes. Never done this before so I have a few basic dumb questions -- 1) If you drive 1000 miles a week, can it be profitable? 2) Is it possible to drive 1000 miles/week? 3) How...
  16. Sandwichman

    Uber black in New Jersey

    I am an uber black driver in the philadelphia market. I have a private job to short hills Nj I will be there at 10:30 am What's a good area to work in north jersey?
  17. F

    Uber new to the Uber game

    Good evening ladies and gents Like my post title says I'm brand new and just got the go ahead to start pick ups Saturday. Few questions for those of u who have been driving for a bit or a while: I live in burbs but can get to city in 20 min without traffic. Best to turn on app in burbs and go...
  18. Sonofamitch

    Hardly any pings

    Hey all! New driver here. Went out for my first drive on tuesday. In the past 3 days i've had 8 pings and 8 rides for a grand total of $88.64....... now I know there's not a whole lot of money to be had with ridesharing... but damn! Is this the norm? Or do you think I might be doing something g...
  19. G

    1st day in the books! Good Day!

    So today was my 1st day on the road. And I must of gotten lucky. Made only 5 trips today, only a total of 2.1 dead miles. Made a total of $103 (my cut) as well as $20 in tips.