1. Prius13

    Hold your plans to operate Uber in..

    lakersfan1 Hopefully the ban on Uber in the Philippines will be lifted when you "retire" in Cebu..
  2. cleansafepolite

    All communications with uber come from the Philippines, at slave wages and long hours.

    Why do emails from uber suck? Becuase they are written by Filipinos working long hours for slave wages with large quotas. These people who are working for between 200 and 600 U.S. dollars PER MONTH. They are responsable for all research into claims and all writtwn emails. If you get an email...
  3. jarod001


    Hi, I'm a newbie operator of Uber but haven't start my business in the road yet because I want to know if Uber here in the Philippines will really give a huge ROI. In terms of ROI, which is better or best, Grabcar or Uber? I am craving for an honest and realistic answers.:)