1. 8

    ALERT- Uber Scammer in Philly

    I was supposed to get picked up 2-3 minutes from when I requested ride. Was outside waiting 1 minute later. Noticed car icon on map was going in circles and pickup time fluctuating so I texted driver regarding this at 6:38 pm. Text "read" but no response. Texted again few minutes later asking if...
  2. waldowainthrop

    “Uber Is Handing Us a Penny and Acting Like It’s Ten Grand”
  3. David Black

    You can't make this stuff up.

    We all should write a book about these interesting characters that we meet everyday! The proud, the entitled, the humbled, the cheap, the fancy, the know it all, the jerk, the racist, the bum, the drunk, the student, the careless parent.. am I missing someone? Tell me in the comment below please..
  4. ZenUber

    Luckiest Bicycle Rider in Philly

    I was rooting for the car.
  5. 85characters

    $$$ Stolen Car Cash Reward

    Hi, I have a black 2013 Chevy Cruze that went missing on Monday (7/22) and is most likely still parked in the Mt Airy area around Hill Freedman Academy (1100 E Mt Pleasant Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19150). License plate is KRM1803 and the car is missing a hub cap on the front driver's side...
  6. Antvirus

    Meet Your Future AI Drivers Best not to look it directly in the eyes...
  7. Antvirus

    Lost Item At Wells Fargo Center (76ers)

    I picked up this gentleman and his wife in Old City around 1pm today. He was one of those front runner Philadelphia fans that doesn't know jack shit about basketball and is clearly along for the ride. He had the Eastern Conference ALLLLL figured out. Here was his plan: Pax: "Well, we win today...
  8. David Black

    America runs on booze and ....

    I would love to see Uber enforcing registration through a verification process for passengers where no child under 18 is allowed to use or sign up on the app. scanning their driver license like we do would suffice! Then again, they'll lose out of big money for sure! It seems that everyone who...
  9. J

    Another Day in Philly

    Got a short ride, then immed got a ping for a 45+ minute ride who canceled as soon as I accepted (#*#+%¥#£). Went home to eat and got another ping, ending up in Center City; getting another ping (“I’ll tip you in the app.”) to go back out to the boonies where a teenager tried to tell me she was...
  10. tub67696

    Anyone have their car on Getaround?

    Not driving that much anymore and was thinking about putting my vehicle on Getaround? Heard Turo is terrible but was wondering if anyone has had any experience with Getaround? Thanks!
  11. UberBul

    Lyft Power Driver Bonus

    Lyft just cut off my Power Driver bonus recently. Has anyone else had this issue?
  12. mikewithebike

    The Sorry State of Ridesharing in Philadelphia...

    Peg and I are over in Philly today. We went to the Friday Free @ Noon concert featuring the great Richard Thompson. Not wanting to deal with traffic we have taken four Uber trips thus far today with one more upcoming to our car parked in North Philly. The first was taken in the only car of the...
  13. marcus.laboy

    Warning: Dropped Insurance

    Been with uber for a couple years and didnt notify my insurance company. When I had an accident, I was f*%$#ing dropped.. Went into the greenlight hub for help and there was an an Allstate office right inside. They offered me collision coverage specifically for uber drivers and I don't need to...
  14. David Black

    Creepy Experience - Safety Concern!

    I just picked up a guy that wouldn't say a damn word to me, not even confirm his name or anything; the entire ride he was starring at me and gave me the creeps! I thought for sure he was gonna murder me when I wasn't looking! When he exited my car, he slammed the door as hard as he could and...
  15. mikewithebike

    Uber Driver Allegedly Refuses to Drive Congressional Interns Holding ‘MAGA’ Hats...
  16. David Black

    2 Months thoughts!

    I have been driving for Uber for about two months now and I have a few comments to make; not sure if everyone feels the same way! 1) Way too many Uber drivers in Philly :confused: 2) Friday nights, Saturdays and part of Sundays are most profitable 3) Monday is DEAD 4) Passengers are amazing...
  17. jblack215

    Philly Jersey Drivers Answer This...

    Without driving like a trucker and having a normal life, how simple would it be to make $150 a week Uberx (not sure if I can do Lyft) in Philly, south & central Jersey?
  18. David Black

    Looking for some advice!

    Hello everyone, Thank you for such an awesome forum and the opportunity to share some of our stories driving for Uber. I am new to Uber and I would like to get to know all of my Philly fans! I picked up some kids last night (4 of them) from Springfield to drop them off at the Chester Casino on...
  19. T

    Philadelphia rides per day? Tips?

    Hello everyone, I am new to the forum and will be new to the area next week. I used to do Uber in NJ when I was in college a couple years ago, but have never done it in PA before. My question, as I'm coming back from being out of the country for a couple years I rented a car from Lyft's...
  20. BurgerTiime

    Driver caught on video; Uber self-driving car crashes into another car in Pittsburgh

    Facebook video: An Uber self-driving car collided with another vehicle in Pittsburgh on February 24 in an incident first reported by Pittsburgh's channel 11last week. No one was seriously injured, but the...