ph license

  1. Al Kapone

    TFL proposals could include advanced driver tests

    Transport for London has revealed details today (15 February) of its new policy statement which highlights how ride-sharing and app-booking services could work in the future and features a list of stringent procedures with the aim of “Ensure London remains the world leader in regulating taxi and...
  2. soTuga

    When is Karhoo opening up to individual drivers?

    I've been reading that Karhoo is getting busy, but they only work with fleet operators. When are we going to get a choice app, when is Khoo opening up to all PCO holders.
  3. S

    Time taken for a newbie to obtain a PH License?

    How long does it take for a newbie to obtain a PH License? I met an Uber driver who relocated from London to Birmingham, but goes back at the weekend to work Uber shifts. Said he makes £400-£500 over the weekend. Is this achievable? Is this what is killing the London Uber market, with...