1. MikesUber

    Liberty Bridge and Inbound Liberty Tunnel Closure this Weekend in Pittsburgh

    Source: Crews from the Joseph B. Fay Company will conduct permanent repairs to the Liberty Bridge from 3 p.m. Saturday through 11 a.m. Sunday. PITTSBURGH — PennDOT District 11 is...
  2. MikesUber

    Self-driving Uber Involved in Collision Downtown [Pittsburgh]

    Source: UPDATED 6:27 PM EDT Oct 20, 2016 PITTSBURGH —A self-driving Uber vehicle was involved in a collision Wednesday afternoon in downtown Pittsburgh according to the ride sharing company. "We're aware of the...
  3. MikesUber

    Halloween Weekend 2016 (Oct. 28th - 31st)

    Alright Pittsburgh it's that spooky time of year where glitter, body paint and other stain-prone "substances" threaten to scare us during the midnight hour. This thread is all about Halloween weekend. Are you driving? Do you think it'll be a lucrative weekend to drive? Risk versus reward? Funny...
  4. MikesUber

    Minimum Fare Increase Live Today

    Source: Uber Pittsburgh Email One of the most common requests from drivers in Pittsburgh is that we should raise the minimum fare. We’ve heard you. Starting immediately, the uberX minimum fare in Pittsburgh will increase to $6.95 (previously $6.00). This new minimum fare includes a new...