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  1. Jack Malarkey

    GoCatch: Child, parcel and pet services

    Email received from GoCatch on Wednesday 12 September 2018 at 10.30 am: Child, Parcel & Pet Transport Services - Register Your Interest Hi Jack, Commencing in the new year, we will be expanding our transport services to include authorised and safe transportation of children for drivers...
  2. Trunkcorpse

    Delta sets more stringent requirements for support animals

    Sick of soiled cabins and biting, Delta wants proof support animals are trained Passengers who wish to bring their support animal on board a Delta Air Lines plane will have to show proof of health and vaccinations 48 hours in advance, as well as other requirements, the airline said on Friday...
  3. choochoo95

    Dog hair every where!!!!

    My first ride this morning was a mess, this lady had a small dog with her going to the airport, i was ok with that since she said the dog will be on her lap, after i dropped her off, i saw half of my back seat was covered in Dog HAIR!! It was too much!! Had to contact support, sent them pics...
  4. givemewine1st

    Was Disactivated 4 Refusing a Pet who was not a service dog

    Uber seems to be going in outer space. Montreal bylaws governing taxi public transport of animals state that a taxi driver can refuse a regular pet. no reason is required. however Montreal code says you can not refuse a service animal. but there is an exception. if the driver has a phobia or an...
  5. W

    Uber and Pets aka Ride Wanted

    I see Uber now says pets are Ok if the driver is OK, being Uber, the only ifo is "txt or call the driver at booking". I can see that going down real well when someone accepts my fare and then gets a message to say and the two dogs. For that money, I would take anything, but some people do not...
  6. Jake2016

    What are your thoughts on passengers with animals/pets?

    Picked up a tipsy couple last night in Laguna Beach during surge hours. They asked me if I don't mind their mid-size dog that showed up a bit later from their friend's house. I said: "I don't mind at all, but I need someone to hold it on a towel and I hope it was walked before the ride." The...
  7. JCHeights

    This is Nuts

    I have been helping a friend who can't drive for a bit due to a seizure issue and she has been using Uber a lot and I am always curious about other drivers. This morning she had one that blew me away. She requested an UberX and got picked up in a Ford Econoline van? What? Kicker is the woman...
  8. S

    Oh the Irony...

    So, we're "legally required to provide transportation services" to people with service animals. ... But we're illegal in VIC. Irony much? I'd still rather not transport animals any day, to be honest.
  9. sameena kreuz

    Allergies and pets

    Hi. My name is Sam. Been Ubering on and off since my father became ill last year. He died end of March 2015. Now, I Uber until I pass the bar exam. One thing that is getting me worried is Uber's policy on service animals. I have a known allergy to animal dander. I can't stop sneezing. It...