1. V

    WA Registration for UE

    Hi everyone, sorry if this has been posted about before. I am trying to sign up for Uber Eats in Perth with a car. My vechile registration keeps getting rejected due to the ‘expiry date’, Uber keeps demanding to upload a new one. In WA, as far as I am aware, we are issued with the piece of paper...
  2. Ajkula

    Uber Eats in Perth quiet all of a sudden

    Anyone else in perth getting shitty over all days with little to no pings? Is it just cause of a new influx of drivers at the start of the year or something?
  3. spaghettibolognese1

    Bad experience's for female Uber drivers in Perth

    I'm looking to get in contact with some female Uber drivers who have had bad experience's with passengers in terms of harassment. I'm also curious about the all female ridesharing company Shebah and if female Uber drivers on here also work for them and can compare experiences. Please feel free...
  4. WestSydGuy

    Perth: Why an Uber ride is set to cost more Uber is refusing to absorb the cost of a 10 per cent tax on rides — saying customers can pay. Despite continued pressure from the WA Government for Uber not to increase its fares, the company says...
  5. S

    Uber licence requirements in WA

    Do I need an F extension or is a T extension sufficient? The Uber website has confusing information
  6. DA08

    Saw this today... Lol

    Saw this today and I thought of all the ants out there... Heheh lol
  7. QLDUberDriver

    New Uber competitor called Ola - Ola began recruiting drivers in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth today.

    This is interesting news thats for sure and possibly could shake things up against Uber in Australia. Uber has some competition here but hardly worth mentioning. Or is this Uber part 2 for crappy earnings? See article link below: Indian ride-hail player Ola is taking its fight against Uber...
  8. KRS

    Part time driving - worth it?

    Hi, I am employed full time and own a Mercedes ML. I am considering driving Uber select ( I guess I have to work my way through Uber X first) to look at making say $100 - $200 a week to offset the ever increasing cost of kids education. Can I get some feedback on proportion of rough hours to be...
  9. DA08

    Ride sharing banned from Optus Stadium Perth

    There will be no designated carpark at Optus Stadium and Uber drivers will not be allowed to drop off and pick up there eitherPicture: Justin Benson-Cooper Uber and other ride-sharing drivers have been banned from Optus Stadium, with a cab rank next to the new arena to allow registered taxis...
  10. BurgerTiime

    Driver banned from picking up at Perth Airport - after being caught defecating An Uber driver was banned after he was seen defecating on the side of the road A message was sent to the driver telling him he was not able to make pickups The notification states he was seen...
  11. Instyle

    Uber driver banned from Perth Airport after public defecation

    An Uber driver has been banned from picking up passengers at Perth Airport after the driver defecated in one of the rideshare holding bays. Radio 6PR's Morning host Gareth Parker obtained an email from Uber to the driver which claimed their access to the airport would be "revoked immediately"...
  12. QLDUberDriver

    UBER driving now makes toilet cleaning look glamorous - Well Done Uber!

    Everyone can expect to read more news as time passes about this type of behavior in Ubers. Trash riders and low quality drivers is what the collective will see Uber as. Rubbish riders to rapist drivers, you can thank Ubers desperate race to gain aggressive market share to devalue the service...
  13. Y0-Y0

    New to UBER

    Hi I am new to UBER - Perth. I have few questions and I am sure experts over here can help me out. 1. I am using my 4 yr old Toyota and it is classified as class 1A, if i change to class 3F does it mean i am registering my car as business ? 2. Do i need to pay the difference in price when i...
  14. K

    Info needed regarding Document Expiring

    Hi , Been driving for Uber since last April and didn't realize my documents are expiring until now. So if any one can refresh on what is needed and what are the costs? My F extension, SCV License Registration is expiring. So can you please list down the steps ? Apologies if this is a repeat...
  15. UberDriverAU

    How Much Does It Cost To Start Driving?

    Back by popular demand ... RIP the previous version. HOW MUCH DOES IT COST TO START LEGALLY DRIVING FOR UBER? Disclaimer: Costs are correct at time of posting, it is your responsibility to confirm that they're still current and that there is nothing extra. Setup Costs Medical: ~$100.00 (*...
  16. Grand

    ⭐️Perth Newbie Guide⭐️

    Hi and welcome to the forum.:) This is an introductory guide if you are new to the forum and/or new to ride sharing. NOTE: This tread contains information current at the time of original posting. Please research further as there are recent changes to legislation etc. Some links are no longer...
  17. N

    New to Perth- Becoming Uber X driver

    Hello guys! I have been uber X driver in Melbourne since last 14 months and worked hard avg about 60-65 hrs a week making usually around 1500-1700 a week. Its a gross revenue - as we know cutting all taxes and cost profit is about 50% of above mentioned figure. Making it $12-13 an hour job...
  18. TrexG

    How many gonna drop out

    If uber cars and others are to change number plates to the rumoured CV plates, and the possibility of commercial insurance (?), amongst other changes, how many of my fellow uber drivers will be dropping out?
  19. J

    Is it worth it?? help needed please

    Hi guys I'm in Perth and have recently lost my job due to the slowing down of work. I was wondering what I can expect to earn by being an uber driver, I'm not looking for fortunes just enough to get by until I find employment again, if I go ahead I will be working everyday and decent hours as I...
  20. Daniel Rombouts

    GPU Ride is Launching in Perth July - Signup ahead of the launch.....

    Get Picked Up (GPU) are launching GPU Ride in Perth in July and we are looking for drivers. Our main points of difference is that we offer customers Prebooked Journeys and Fixed, Upfront Prices. We display Journey Date/Time/Pickup/Destination and rate at the time of a booking offer so you know...