personal questions

  1. SMH Uber

    How many ways and times...Can I tell pax to stop asking personal questions?

    I had a pax last night that kept asking me rapid fire questions about my personal life. I answered the 1st few questions, but saw the line of questions turning into an interrogation. So I told her I would prefer not to say [personal questions]. She wouldnt take no for an answer; Kept asking me...
  2. Surgeless in Seattle

    Help! So Tired of Pax asking Personal Questions.

    Perhaps this is a sign it's time to stop but I cringe and get incredibly irritated at the - "Is this your full time gig?" type questions... You know the ones, "How much do you make?" "Is this your only job?" Of course there's also the, "Do you feel safe?" "Aren't you scared being a woman?" "How...
  3. SMH Uber

    How to keep your PAX Quiet and from being so Nosey

    Pax are so nosey. They ask a lot of personal questions as if they have the right to. They are unaware of how evasive they questions are. If you tell them they are asking too many questions or getting too personal, they 1 star you. I don't want to talk about my life, if I work parttime or full...