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personal injury

  1. Dhr94080

    Uber autonomous vehicle hits lady

    I just heard on the news that an autonomous self driving car in AZ struck and killed a lady who was walking!!! Yep...... I knew this would happen but all the trolls and techies like to argue that autonomous cars are safe!!!! Proof is showing otherwise..... more fatalities to come I'm sure...
  2. DavidWoolf

    I'm an Attorney (and former Uber/Lyft driver) Ask Me Anything

    Hi Guys, My name is David Woolf and I'm an attorney licensed in California. I drove for uber/lyft in law school and now I do personal injury at BD&J in Beverly Hills. I also do some immigration. Ask me anything!
  3. U

    In a car accident in NYC and covered by black car fund

    Guy I know in a car accident used black car fund to cover his doctors bills. He also got paid while out of work. Turns out he had a work comp case and a personal injury case. Anyone else have a similar situation?