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personal information

  1. johnydynamic

    Might Uber/Lyft try to ID members of this forum?

    I think we need to be careful about how much identifying information we include in our posts because I wouldn’t put it past Uber to try to figure out our identities. Many of you are, no doubt, already careful in this regard, but I have not been. - I’ve indicated in several posts the town I...
  2. MarioRI

    Rider ask for your card?

    I have been driving now for 6 months as a part time driver maybe 10-15 hours a week. I enjoy it and have a fun time talking to my passengers. I have had several leave me big tips and many others ask me if I have a card? I do not because I assume they wanted personal uber service and my...
  3. F

    privacy - Uber released personal information of DFW drivers

    For those who received an SMS inviting them to have a free inspection tomorrow, when clicking submit you then have a link to see the answers of the survey. Usually this isn't available and was curious to see if my information was there. What a shock when I saw that not only was my information...