1. BurgerTiime

    Final Four coming to Minneapolis and thinking about becoming a rideshare driver?

    You should think again. MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The 2019 Final Four will mark yet another big-time event for Twin Cities tourism. With the increase in car and foot traffic comes...
  2. BurgerTiime

    At Least 18 Citations Issued During Uber, Lyft Permit Check at MSP Airport Police at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport police are cracking down on Uber and Lyft drivers who don’t have the right permits. “You’ve got to follow the rules, and if don't...
  3. B

    TNC Question

    So I am a fairly new driver (about 3 weeks) and while picking a fare up at the airport today a worker there approached me and asked if I was a new driver. When I said yes she mentioned that I had to have my TNC license prior to February 1st or would get cited. When I started I was told that the...
  4. Y

    To be a driver. Working Holiday visa 417

    I have a working holiday visa and a driver licence. I've been driving for more than 1 year here in Sydney. My vehicle is 2008 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport Manual. Can I be a Uber driver? and can I use my car for Uber?
  5. Uruber

    THE END OF UBER IN CHICAGO? A proposed crackdown on ridesharing passed out of a Chicago City Council committee Aug. 30, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. The ordinance would seek...
  6. J

    Ticket for picking up at Dallas Love Field

    I recently found out that I had been issued a citation for picking up a passenger at the airport without a permit. This was in March, during the bad old days when a permit was still required. I had begun driving Uber two weeks before that and had actually applied for the permit, and received an...
  7. Derek D Boen

    Late to the party... Permits

    So I haven't driven since late April because I was having some work done to my car, so I just started driving again yesterday. I ussually stay in Tarrant County because I don't have a valid vehicle permit for Dallas. I was planning to go get one today along with an airport permit, but I was...
  8. K

    While waiting on permit can you drive outskirts of dallas

    If you are waiting on a permit can you drive outskirts of dallas tx
  9. Dallas007

    DFW Airport Permit Process

    I'm getting ready to go out and get the DFW permit; I now have Dallas driver and vehicle permits. On the DFW website 1st page under basic requirement... Applicant must take the application to their employer for completion after completing the "Applicant" portion of the application, including...
  10. Z

    Airport Drop Off & Pick Up

    Hello, I'm in the Summerville/N.Charleston area in South Carolina. I haven't used Uber before but my 17yr old has and he's assured me that he will have no probs getting a ride to the airport from an Uber driver this Friday. Is he correct? He needs a ride from Fort Dorchester High School after...
  11. txtim1982

    Uber trying to steal money again.

    I don't know why I'm surprised, but yet again, I am the target of Uber's shady business practices. I already have the proper permits, they aren't expiring anytime soon, and paid for them out of my own pocket, and have them loaded onto my dashboard. It is insane the way that they can't keep track...
  12. U

    Hoboken Police telling me Uber pickups are illegal

    So, now we are on to the second big NJ location to tell me that it is illegal to pick up in their location. First it was the Port Authority Police telling me that I can't go into Newark Airport as I don't have the right permits which Uber is telling me I don't need. Not sure who to believe...
  13. U

    Newark Airport Police Harrassment or True Legal Concern for Uber Drivers

    I was just at Newark Airport picking up my ride. I drove the Terminal C Arrivals and was trying to locate my ride in a busy driving area. Just as my ride got in my car, the Port Authority Police demanded that I pull over which I did. He told me I was holding up traffic and I explained that I...
  14. ftamattyice13

    Application for Dallas Vehicle Permit

    The City of Dallas just issued my Drivers Permit. I am now able to apply for " Transportation-for-Hire Motorized Vehicle Registration " There is obviously a part on the application that says "Will this vehicle operate at Love Field?" The followup question is asking for my Toll Tag Number...
  15. L

    Permits needed for Dallas?

    New-ish to Uber but just reading about the permits needed for Dallas. Can someone point me in the direction of where I need to go and what permits i need to get? I live just north of Dallas and do want to make airport runs too. Thanks!
  16. BigJinTX

    Yet another Permit Thread...

    I've read everything I can find about permits, inspections, etc. in Dallas. I'm only looking for opinions. :) I'm approved by Lyft and Uber. Haven't gotten any permits or had the vehicle inspection done. As I understand it, I need the following before I drive: 1. Driver Permit 2. Vehicle...