1. W

    I need advice from experienced Yellow and Green Cab driver

    I am very new to Green Boro Taxi business and I was looking to see if I could afford one, I came across this post online ""Green Cab for sale with permit, Verifone metered,with plates. Toyota Camry 2012 SE, Leather seats,sun roof, Brand new tires (4) Just passed Inspection, with camera, Nice...
  2. Single Malt

    Self-driving car startup Zoox gets permit to transport passengers in California
  3. BurgerTiime

    Waymo has been granted the first permit to start fully autonomous rides

    Full story: Waymo, which is preparing to launch the first driverless ride-hailing program in the U.S., has become the first company approved to test autonomous vehicles without safety...
  4. LadyJ8A

    Background Check Minimum 1 Year Driving?

    My question is... Does Uber Background check qualify driving with Learner's Permit as valid licensed driving experience? A learner's permit is literally a valid driver's license with restrictions "With that in mind, a learner's permit is permission to drive even though it comes with certain...
  5. tomatopaste

    Waymo applies for California driverless testing permit

    According to an anonymous source, the Chronicle reports, Waymo will begin testing sans-human safety drivers near its Mountain View headquarters. Once testing is established there, it will expand its test area to more of the greater Bay Area...
  6. Marco Solo

    For personal protection, do you cover up your last name on the for-hire permit copy in your car?

    I'm not eager for pax to know my full name, which is displayed prominently for all to see on the 5x7 enlarged copy of my For-Hire Permit I am required to post in my car. I also don't like the idea that anyone can read my full name from it when I'm not in the car. (The obvious solution for the...
  7. BurgerTiime

    Uber may have to pay $4 million license fee in London Uber will face a big jump in the fee it pays to operate in London to 2.9 million pounds if the ride hailing company is granted a new license by the city's transport authority. Transport for London said on Monday companies with more than...
  8. U

    When do I get LAX permit?

    I am not getting any pings in the morning for LAX runs? Did lyft for a bit and all they were LAX runs early hours. Been signed up for awhile tho only logged maybe 150 rides to date. I took the quiz already etc... but no permit in mail nor any luck calling. When calling they say go to green...
  9. BurgerTiime

    Driver in Florida files class-action over right to carry South Florida Uber driver sues company over right to carry gun on job Jose Mejia, 28, says he no longer feels safe behind the wheel without weapon "I do it on my own free time," he said. But...
  10. UberNdallas

    City of Dallas Driving Permit rant

    So a few months ago I go the the city of dallas online and apply for my driver permit. During this process one of the questions asks if you want the city to run your background check (will cost $20 on top of the $30 for the permit) (or) I can use the results from a third party background check...
  11. M

    Cop questions outside a bar

    I was pulling up to pick up a rider at Duffys. There were a few cops outside. My rider was very drunk and I guess the cops were happy to see me there. My concern is what one of the cops says to me. She begins to ask me if I have a permit. I told her I have no idea what she is talking about. She...
  12. VUT

    Pilot project start on October 14, 2016

    The pilot project start officially on October 14, 2016 BUT... To be legal, Uber has to receive his 'Taxi Intermediate License''. Uber asked for this permit and is now waiting. It might take a few weeks or months. Offering the service before is ILLEGAL for UBER and for DRIVERS.
  13. VUT

    When Uber will be legal in Prov. Quebec

    The Ministerial Order for the Pilot-Projet has been published today, Septembre 30, 2016. Article 57 says it will take effect 15 days after being published. =>> October 15, 2016. ==>> Plus, Article 54 from this Order says that anyone working before Uber gets the Taxi Intermediate Permit, is...
  14. VUT

    Class 4C driver's permit

    The agreement for the pilot project says drivers need a Class 4C. December 7 comes fast. Don't be late to get it. You should contact the SAAQ asap.
  15. VUT

    Driving before Sept. 29, 2016

    The Montreal Taxi Bureau just told me in an email that any driver could: 1- get a 3700$ fine 2- get his car seized for 7 days 3- loose his driver's permit for 7 days Anything the office can do about this ?
  16. VUT

    Quebec - Uber Agreement signed on Septembre 9, 2016 - WHAT NEXT ?

    Since the agreement that Uber Quebec and Quebec Government signed on Sept 9, we are expecting information from the office of Montreal. What's next ? As per the agreement, old drivers have up to December 7, 2016 to get a 4C driver permit, get the right insurance, Uber sticker. As per the...
  17. Ryan Peabody

    Driving Uber in DC with Out of State License

    okay so I am a student in the DC area who wants to drive for uber. I won't have a DC, Maryland, or Virginia license but I will have a permit of reciprocity that essentially waives my need to register in DC or exchange my out of state license. Does anyone know whether this permit will be enough...
  18. F

    Need Chicago EMBLEM Permit

    I signed up uber three days ago for Chicago, but I received a welcom email from Uber Peoria and I haven't receive the META EMBLEM Permit to pickup fares from airport, I sent several emails to support regarding this but they didn't reply, any idea how to get EMBLEM permit.If you search Uber...
  19. M Maverick

    Can "No Driver Permit" citation be dismissed at the window?

    Here's my story: In Feb 2016 (this year) I emailed Uber if a permit is required to pick up from Love Field. They replied by saying "permit is only required for DFW airport." On April 1 2016 picking up at Love Field policeman tickets me for: 1. No Driver Permit 2. No Vehicle Permit 3. Damage...
  20. MikesUber

    Pennsylvania Hits Uber with Record $11.4 Million Fine

    Source: Public Utility Commission penalizes ride-sharing service for doing business without state permit in 2014 UPDATED 1:34 PM EDT Apr 21, 2016 The Public Utility Commission, which also regulates buses and...