per mile

  1. Marco Solo

    Boober lowers Per Mile & Minimum Trip earnings

    When I checked my rate card (for Seattle driving) yesterday, my Minimum Fare earning was $2.73. Boober paid me only $2.62 for one trip yesterday morning (a hooker leaving one hotel to go to another). I was going to call and demand my missing 11¢, but forgot about it when I went off shift...
  2. ech

    Rates and Fares for Dallas Drivers

    Are the rates below the same rates every uberX driver has in the Dallas area? I've seen online others say theirs are higher. I've asked uber support, but they wont give me a straight answer, just a copy/pasted sounding response. Base Fare: $0.80 Per Mile: $0.73 Per Minute: $0.08 Per Minute...
  3. UberGeo

    Is price per mile based on location

    I joined up from Philly referral and normally get the 1.10/mile. I had a drive from Moorestown, NJ to Princeton, NJ and noticed that they paid .87/mile. I am almost sure my other NJ rides are 1.10/mile. Gonna check now. Can someone enlighten me?
  4. me2

    What is the pay in your area price per mile and minute

    Mine is $1 base fare + 15¢ per minute and 90¢ per mile with a min of $4.65 per ride and uber charge each rider an additional $1.65 that I don't see I get 72% of that charge so you'd think I'd get a min of 3.34 per ride but no it's 2.16 this is silly I drive around a small town were you might...
  5. Call Johnny Cab

    Contrast & Compare what Uber paid

    I recently drove for Uber approx 5 miles took 12 mins on Sun and made $6.00 I drove another Uber rider approx 2 miles in 12+ mins and made $4.80 I could be mistaken but if a person would have done the same 5 mile ride for a company they would have gotten approx. $15.00. If someone did the 2...
  6. RamzFanz

    False Uber Costs Skew Profit

    I read a lot on here about costs per mile etc. They make a good case against Uber and I'm not debating whether it's profitable or not in general, but YOUR results should not rely on THEIR numbers without understanding them. Cost per mile includes the purchase, use, and upkeep of an average...