pepper spray

  1. Fargle


    Carjacked... or at least it was a very accurate imitation of one. I was stopped at a light when a drunk walked into traffic, opened the front passenger door before I could get to the lock button, and tried to get in. I told him repeatedly to get out, then pepper-sprayed him when he refused...
  2. BurgerTiime

    Driver threats passenger with pepper spray

    Just another day in Uberland
  3. Richard Cranium


    I think I sipped ALOT of Kool Aid as I am actually am considering a RELIABLE low mileage under $10k sedan to yes you hear it first "The RC Chronicles may be resurrected with a dash cam and like I had in my other tSUV, there will be a hidden camer tat the pax at all times. DON'T LIKE IT, DON'T...
  4. J

    Safety and security

    What do you drivers do to stay safe while driving? Do you carry anything like pepper spray or tasers? Do you have in-cabin cameras to record passengers?
  5. eeg0031

    Protecting yourself: What do you carry with you?

    I'm interested to learn what you guys keep in your cars to protect yourselves in the event a passenger gets weird, and why you prefer that particular item. Taser? Firearm? Pepper spray? Baseball bat? I personally keep a taser to hand at all times. I feel more comfortable using it in the small...
  6. Fireguy50

    Pepper spray gel

    Just got my Gel so I can hit the target and not spray the entire crowd and myself. Probably attach it on drivers door panel, above the door pocket, under the door handle. Glad I made it this long without proper defense, hopefully I'll never need it. :confused: SABRE RED Pepper Gel - Police...
  7. D

    Self defense tools and weapons

    As an uber driver you let strangers into your car so the chances of coming across someone who is a threat is much higher than normal- this is still the x <.01% of the pax you pick up but its still your health or life. weapon / tool ideas A inside facing dash cam will be worth its weight in...
  8. Wyreless

    GUARD Dog Pepper Spray Sale at WOOT!

    Guard Dog Security .5 oz 18% OC Hard Case Pepper Spray Keychain $3.99 Plus $5 Flat Rate Shipping The only real way that this works is if you get a few of them. At $3.99 plus the $5 Flat Rate Shipping It is no real super deal. But if you get 2 or 3 it is not too shabby. So I thought I would post...
  9. Wyreless

    Security Ideas for UBER Driver

    3 or 4D Maglite I agree with wholeheartedly. Biggest thing to remember is that you should exert enough defensive force to stop the threat< Once the offensive party is no longer a threat / danger to you, then you need to stop and flee to safety and inform the police. If this was a physical...
  10. MikesUber

    Just Got My Pepper Gel - Do you carry Pepper Spray/Gel?

    Hello UberPeople, Just received my Sabre Pepper Gel yesterday. Currently 150 trips in since Halloween and have had no issues with violent passengers; I still recommend carrying pepper spray/gel in your vehicle just in case. We all hope to never use these products but without them you are much...
  11. WilliamWilliam

    CBS4 Denver Coverage + New Video: Lyft Driver Hangs Up Keys After Confrontation With Rider DENVER (CBS4)– A Lyft driver is facing scrutiny after an altercation in his car on Halloween night in Denver. The incident started when the driver responded to a house party near 6th Avenue...