1. Janice Wilder

    Best Times/Areas for the Gulf Coast?

    Anyone willing to share their recent experiences with new drivers? Looking for folks with an abundance mentality. Thank you in advance.
  2. ranger0793

    Surging in Pensacola

    Has anyone actually caught a request during a surge? I always see the area surging, however seems as though my fares are never in the surge zone. I also get the message about going offline when the area is surging, however I feel the surge is just a scam to keep people out on the road. What...
  3. G

    New guy here

    Hey y'all im new here, trying to figure out how all this works before I dive in. I've got 05 Chrysler 300C and just got out of the military. I'm in Pensacola Florida. Any and all advice/wisdom helps. Thank in advance