1. SurgeMasterMN

    20 Minute Wait at MSP then end the trip with poop on the seat.

    Alright this has to be the crappiest day I have had Ubering. (Literally) First run of the day a pick up at the Airport. Get a ping to Turdimal 1 should have been Turdimal 2 anyway... I call the lady immediately to guide her to the right location and asked her to ask a cop or the info desk to...
  2. K

    What's your craziest PEE story

    So being in NYC, naturally parking is your worst nightmare. This minute detail makes peeing become a potential nightmare. I know it's my fault for accepting pings whilst on a ride, the Uber gods always seem to 'knows this', if I'm pressed to the point I will explode I always get pings before...
  3. ninja warrior

    Tips and tricks to make $2.5k/week in NYC

    Hello and welcome. I am here to assist all of you new drivers, the ones with the U glow light, in making money like you've never seen before. I will offer tutorials which will vary from strategy, hot areas, decision making, peeing,routing and more. I will give you insider scoop like no other...