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  1. D

    San Francisco - What are your weekly goals/"pdb" bonuses?

    Hi all, I'm returning to the grind of driving: What are your current weekly "goals/bonuses" right now? I'm interested in driving only for Lyft this time around. Thanks
  2. S

    Lyft Power Driver Bonus

    So I had been getting Power Driver Bonus every week for the last 6 months. I couldn't drive during most of August. When I started driving again, I have no PDB or any other incentives. I drove 2 weeks now and still no incentives. I called Lyft and they said they got rid of PDB for Miami and...
  3. N

    Changes to Power Driver Bonus, Rental Rewards

    Another thread mentioned an update coming to PDB on Lyft requiring no specific Acceptance Rate. I emailed them to see and got this interesting reply below.. funny thing is, from what they say below, it seems that 100% of people should still have SOME sort of PDB option. However for many...
  4. Mista T

    Lyft changes PDB, again

    As if it wasn't bad enough... why do they even keep this awful program? They have made the bonuses so impossible to hit, why don't they just scrap the whole damn thing?
  5. HPRohit

    Lyft drops the 90% acceptance rate May 7th

    Lyft is showing desperation....don't give in yet. Lyft will no longer require 90% acceptance rate on PDB starting May 7th. But they still require rush hour trips to qualify....Keep ignoring the pink Tutu and maybe they'll cave on the peak period trips. Then PDB can challenge Quest!
  6. Mista T

    PDB changes

    Guess too many people were hitting the bonuses, so now they increased the requirements again. What a surprise!!
  7. K


    i just got a message from lyft saying that they have updated their power driver bonus now they changed to 35 peak / 65 rides total with 90%?? been doin barely 30-35 rides a week and exactly 15 peak after work & on saturdays and got that extra $50 almost every week. did everyones PDB has...
  8. D

    20 rides in 10 hours in Miami

    So I have to do 20 more rides in 10 hours to qualify for $150 PDB. Can I do it? Not sure, trying to motivate myself to try. If I do it, figure it would get me about $225 for 5he next 10 hours. May end up 1 ride short and only make 115ish for the 10 hours. Sitting in south beach right now...
  9. D

    New PDB Miami or other cities

    Curious what peoples thoughts are on the new PDB for Miami, or other cities if they have changed. Please post if another city. Seems to be more reasonable and attainable than previous. I managed to squeeze out the $150 level only working 3 1/2 days (TH/Fri/Sat/3 hours of Sun). My total...
  10. Skepticaldriver

    Lyft throttles incoming requests as your nearing bonus. Guranteed. Blah

    so. Doing the weak power driver bonus Lowest of them is the 80-40 for 185. Lol. (Sidenote: not everyone had their pdb cut. Some still have the lowest tier which is 75 still and apparently there are still people on a weekly gurantee of 1500. Awesome lyft. Just awesome. Throttling...
  11. M

    Lyft Bonus vs Uber PDB??? Who is better??

    Guys and girls, Since UBER has been cutting us down and reducing our pay and bonuses I went back and took a look at the LYFT bonus. I haven't looked in 6 months. I was in shock to see they have a bonus program that pays up to $750 a week. Sure you have to do 150 rides but they have tiers all...
  12. dirtylee

    Lyft PDB changes

    The 10% isn't to bad. The 20% change is ridiculous. 75 trips? WTF!
  13. L

    Lyft Just royally screwed their Hertz renters

    So Lyft integrated Hertz with their Express Drive program making it easier to renew a rental and get a car. There's just one problem Express Drive is a giant rip off. They boast being able to rent the car for a low price or free every week depending on how many rides you take, but the cost is...
  14. Silent_Philosodriver

    The Hidden Paycut in PDBs - Part II - Actual Numbers

    Hi peeps, I will share some of my weekly numbers in hope for actual feedback, to check if everyone is going through something similar in terms of earnings (maybe my #'s are bad because I still don't do this shit right?) and to point out that despite the PDBs being held, our actual earnings...
  15. 300Miles

    Class action PA spanking for Lyft?

    Does anybody know of attorneys suing Lyft in Pennsylvania? If so, would appreciate you sending on their name. Briefly, - I have more than a thousand rides in and a 4.92 rating with the last 50 rides all 5 stars. I reach 20% PDB at least half the time. - I was terminated without warning or...
  16. Silent_Philosodriver

    Get your sleep & rest and stop telling your sad PDB story to PAX!

    Peeps, get your rest, get your sleep, and stop telling your sad story to PAX (Spoiler alert, they don't give a shit about you) and when they ask what time you started, you say 2 hours ago and leave it at that.... check this article, someone was babbling too much: (I sometimes look like the guy...
  17. Silent_Philosodriver

    The Hidden Pay Cut in PDBs- More Pools, Less Surge, More Drivers

    So, after 3 weeks of Uber PDBs I've started to see a bad trend on the weekends: Users are selecting more pool trips - whether they need it, or whether they are available Pax for route. This week almost half of my Pool requests were single passenger (in SF), no other riders, so, now users are...
  18. JuanMoreTime

    Lyft is getting into the bonus game.

    Just got an email offering a $300 bonus if I hit the 10% or 20% Power Driver Bonus for the next two weeks. Seems like they're doing it the right way, since there are no other restrictions. I hit the PDB every week, so this should be a snap.
  19. cin90

    Lyft Time Limit = No PDB

    Bummer. First real attempt to get the 'new bonus': 6 rides shy and shut down! Tough to make that bonus when driving very part-time (AKA weekends). It was worth a try, but MEH. Over it.