1. MartyMcFly

    What to say to TFL to speed up PCO licence?

    Hey everyone, I’m waiting for my PCO licence to process and come through and I’ve been told that ringing them continuously can speed up the process. What should I say to them? And what power do they actually have to speed up your licence? Cheers
  2. MartyMcFly

    What to say to TFL to speed up PCO licence?

    Hi, I’ve been told hassling TFL everyday can speed up the process of getting your PCO licence, but what should I say to them and what power do they actually have to fast track it? Serious answers please. This forum seems to be full of comedians. Thanks
  3. MartyMcFly

    How long to receive PCO licence after completing NVQ L2?

    I’ve just finished my NVQ Level 2 for my PCO licence and submitted to TFL today. TFL are removing the NVQ entry route as of tomorrow (close call). My question is: what is the current wait time to receive the PCO licence through the post? And is there anyway that I can speed up this process...
  4. K

    second DBS asked by TFL

    Hey guys I applied for PCO licence more then one year ago, they took long time to figure out that my DBS and medical is a few months old, then contacted me to get a new DBS and medical which i done promptly, after that time again it took nearly 4 months to get my TOPO date ( which i passed later...
  5. S


    How can I apply for a pco sticker ?? I can’t find it anywhere online.
  6. Nazmul

    When is the best time for first servicing an mot.

    Hi guys I'm a new uber driver please help me out. Thanks Got the car been 4months driver don't know when is best time for servicing an mot due. Any good recommended place in east London would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. UberLondonGuy

    PCO Licence Application completed

    Posted my PCO Application last Wednesday 15th August 2018. Visited the Uber Office Monday 20th to attend the Uber Ignition but I didn't need to be there as I already completed my PCO Application. Got a free A-Z and was offered lessons for the Topographical Test. "I got 19 years experience as...
  8. Khanie

    The Lowdown on Viavan!

    Been with Viavan since April and these are some of my thoughts: 1. app is crap, 2. navigation is crap (illegal left/right turns and no entries), 3. rocket rates (surge) are good, but very few jobs available, 4. crap driver referral fee (£25), 5. live driver support via text is good, but via...
  9. T

    Applying for PCO (Journey at 21 years of age.) April 2018

    A few things to mention before all the cabbie trolls come in saying I will be working for less than minimum wage. Insurance from Acorn/Haven is £398 per month on a rented Toyota Prius. Used 2010 Toyota Prius is £80 rental per week. (From Gumtree)/ Source cheap Prius under £2.5k with PCO. Petrol...
  10. V@l

    Can I have two licence in one car

    Hello gents. I'm thinking to get another licence as I live in watford i can easily apply for a three river licence. My intention is to use the same car that I got now but the car it's got a PCO licence already. I'm pretty sure this question was asked before but I can find the post in this...
  11. H

    Topographical assessment

    Hi, I recently sat my topo assessment on the 15th Nov 2017. I'm quite confident that I have passed but I wanted to know how long it takes till I receive my results and what steps I will have to take after, in order to get myself on the road as quick as possible. Thanks
  12. R.M.Ahmad

    What is PHV Licence?

    That may be a silly question but today I became confused about it. Yesterday at PCO inspection centre, I was given inspection report and vehicle PH sticker. Today I sent them to Uber but it rejected both of of them. So what is wrong? Am I going to get something else, by post, as PHV Licence or...
  13. A

    How long does it take to get my PCO Licence

    Hello! I applied for an PCO Licence 1 month ago and 1 week ago I received a letter from the topographical assessment team which said not to call them cause they would contact me. Does anyone know how long it takes until that happens? I think I've already waited a pretty long time and haven't...
  14. M

    New PCO uber Driver

    Hi to everyone, I'm new to the thread looking for some advice. I've been reading the old threads and can see a lot of discussion in different areas of uber, the industry and PH. I'm a new PCO holder. Received my licence just over 6 weeks ago. I haven't yet joined uber or any london firm as i'm...
  15. VisitDoctor

    PCO MEDICALS only £50

    CALL 02036334501 to book HGV /PCO Drivers Medicals Now!! We have same day, evening and weekend appointments throughout East and North London Branches In Barking, Loughton, Dagenham, Acton and Croydon. We only charge £45. We require full medical Summary to complete the...
  16. L

    PCO TFL PHV, Which car make, model and year to buy/lease/rent for London?

    Hi I am just looking into doing Uber driving in London. I have a chronic health problem so I need the flexibility that Uber offers in working flexible hours. What car make, model and year should I buy/lease/rent for London? The TFL guidelines say that the private hire vehicles have to be 5...
  17. 450XD

    Short term PCO Vehicle hire (2 weeks max)

    Hi all, Me again, sorry about that. I have a simple question/dilemma. I am looking to hire a PCO Vehicle for 2 weeks with Ins,, I want to work as much as possible and as time allows during the period of 25/06 - 8th or 9th/07. I have been working for an events team in London and have had no...
  18. Oday


    Hi all I'm thinking of getting my own car instead of hiring an insured PCO ready car. Does anybody know how much would an insurance cost for a new PCO holder? and does the personal no claim bonus counts? do you recommend any company? Looking forward for your replies and recomendations