1. A

    LYFT New Driver Bonus Payout

    I was expecting to unlock my bonus funds as soon as a hit my numbers, but the new driver bonus box just disappeared after completing the trips by the required date. Did anybody else have to wait?
  2. Qurious

    Payout date changes? How do I even reach support to question it?

    I just started driving with Uber a little over a month ago and it's been pretty much a nightmare when it comes to pay, keeping accurate track of receiving the appropriate payout for surge and boost payouts but NOW this is the 2nd week, consecutively where my payout has not been posted into my...
  3. JulienneB

    Can I still cash out on NYE with Instant Pay?

    I heard in passing that we cannot cash out on New Years because uber reviews the fares. I didn't drive on NYE last year but I am planning to this year to make the rest of a bill that's due (I drive part-time when I have slow months). Does anyone know if this is true or if it's happened to you...
  4. H

    Delayed Payment from Uber

    Hey Guys I ama new driver and driving for three weeks. In first two weeks I received my payment right on every Monday but this week its Tuesday and payment still not been made. Any views and opinions? Is there anyway we can call uber or cotact on an email?
  5. Red Light

    Only Place in Vegas Paying Referrals to Uber Drivers

    Red Light Entertainment It is a service for live adult entertainment... We are the only service in the city to pay referrals to Uber drivers. We really want to help all drivers in Las Vegas to truly maximize their money making potential. Call me personally to learn more or sign up call the...