1. Canteev

    Uber at its best

    On Friday, I did a trip with multiple stops. I dropped the last pax and didn’t even pay attention to earnings. Eventually, I go check, and the trip isn’t even there. I waited the suggested 48 hours, and there is still no record of it. This is inexcusable for such a big company. My payout...
  2. Robert Villa

    First destination payout

    I received my first destinations pay out, drum rolllllll --.... a whopping $3.43. I wasn't expecting it as I drive in Reading, PA. Reading did not have the reduced fare on destination filter so that's why I was not expecting the payout. However, the reason I got it is, by chance, other trips...
  3. S

    UBER LUBE? Where can I buy?

    Drove for almost 4 hours this morning. Had a $60 donuts and coffee delivery and got paid $5.82. I mean WOW guys do I get free lube for taking orders that big and getting raped in every ORIFICE or what? Grub Hub is activated and all I have to do is go get my equipment. Do you guys even care...
  4. T

    Losing money doing UberEats. FYI Don't work Monday or Tueday!!!!

    This week Uber changed the boost in Minneapolis so that every area has the same boost and it is much lower then what is was last week and before that they expanded the delivery area but they don't have any restaurants in the expanded area other then crappy fast food restaurants like McDonald's...
  5. Angelena Nunez

    Postmates payout breakdown and shorted wait time pay

    I can’t understand the way Postmates pay and deposits breakdown. Under deliveries in my dashboard it shows the delivery fee+tips but the deposits are random and don’t match up. Does anyone have an understanding if this that they can share? My first 3 days pay was deposited as a lump sum...
  6. Serrowxd

    UberEats - The only company that punishes you for working extra.

    I'll keep it short and sweet, because I'm in the process of deactivating my account. After almost a year of UberEats, hundreds of deliveries, and perfect satisfaction rating - I've been screwed over one too many times by this horrible company. I did a promotion period and met the requirements...
  7. Phasmatrope

    Uber "Net payout" on form doesn't include bonuses/tips?

    Just wanted to double-check with anyone here who may know, so Uber doesn't provide an official 1099 for taxes (and their 2-page "Tax Summary" is a bit harder to read than Lyft's or their website, which clearly tells you what you earned in tips). On Pg. 2, Table 2, the "Additional Payments...
  8. R

    Lyft takes 46% before their lyft fee

    It is unfair that they do not show you what the customer gets charged. Then the take a Lyft fee on top of the 46% that we do not know about. We need to know the truth on all rides!
  9. deliveryboychronicles

    Payout Newbie advice

    Hey guys I delivered on the Sat. 9th and got paid on the Wed. 13th... Listed on the site it says we get paid every Thirsday/Friday... that was a Wednesday. I'm not complaining but I want to create a organized schedule for my pay days being as though I do two other services. Is there actually...
  10. Phasmatrope

    Concerns about qualifying for the Lyft class action lawsuit payment?

    Hey, as many of you may be aware-- specifically, Lyft drivers who gave rides between 5/25/12 and 7/1/16-- there is an ongoing class action lawsuit about the drivers being classified as independent contractors (personally, I don't see how we wouldn't be, since we don't have set hours/aren't...
  11. UberVolt

    Promotions Payout: "A sign of our commitment to reliability"

    I checked my earnings for the week and Thursday 06/30 appeared to be high. Taking a closer look, it appears that Uber has added (under Other Payments) a promotional credit. Anyone else see this or know what this is for? Is it a mistake? :confused:
  12. AceManShow

    Check this out

  13. Uberdan128

    Question about Uber Guarantee..

    Just wondering how EXACTLY the guarantee works. I've read the email and fine print multiple times, but I just wanna make sure I get this right. Here's what I think I understand about the requirements (please correct me if I have anything wrong): -you have to get the email in order to qualify...
  14. Red Light

    Only Place in Vegas Paying Referrals to Uber Drivers

    Red Light Entertainment It is a service for live adult entertainment... We are the only service in the city to pay referrals to Uber drivers. We really want to help all drivers in Las Vegas to truly maximize their money making potential. Call me personally to learn more or sign up call the...
  15. tripAces


    I just checked my payouts for this week. I been driving for months now. 36% taken out!!! Yes that is right I have been up ticked as a new driver it seems. The 28% commission for fUber. I have emailed fUBER CSR just about 2mins ago.