1. Hummer872

    Survey about your Uber Experience in Times of Corona

    What do you think about the Anti- Corona measures and the changed policy of Uber? Are the Corona Virus Sick pays really payed and how much did you get payed? (If you got Covid-19) What are your experiences? Do you get ressources to protect yourself as an Uber Driver, or did you have to take care...
  2. GruveRecords

    Took a month off. Have they cut the pay yet?

    Figured we're overdue.
  3. Silent_Philosodriver

    The Hidden Paycut in PDBs - Part II - Actual Numbers

    Hi peeps, I will share some of my weekly numbers in hope for actual feedback, to check if everyone is going through something similar in terms of earnings (maybe my #'s are bad because I still don't do this shit right?) and to point out that despite the PDBs being held, our actual earnings...
  4. Silent_Philosodriver

    The Hidden Pay Cut in PDBs- More Pools, Less Surge, More Drivers

    So, after 3 weeks of Uber PDBs I've started to see a bad trend on the weekends: Users are selecting more pool trips - whether they need it, or whether they are available Pax for route. This week almost half of my Pool requests were single passenger (in SF), no other riders, so, now users are...