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pay statement

  1. Yam Digger

    My Winnings

    Hey, thanks, Uber. Oh by the way, ahmmmm, what did I win?
  2. B

    Cant download pay statements anymore!

    Go try right now. Call the support number and have them tell you to go to a green light hub for the copy. did you want to run an equation on your excel doc and calculate a bunch of stats on your earnings? tough shit according to uber
  3. Seagull1

    Reconciling the Pay Statement to Tax invoices issued by Uber (on my behalf)

    I drove uberX for the first time this financial year yesterday and had a look at the partner portal today to try and reconcile the Tax invoice issued on my behalf to the rider to the pay statement and ultimately the amount I will receive for that ride. The Rider invoice states Fare $44.85...
  4. B

    Other Uber Driver's Being Charged "App Maintenance Fee"?

    I recently decided to give the Uber support phone line a call in the Bay Area after reading several articles about how Uber was underpaying fares and over-charging riders. The first few rides I decided to look into all had issues, and Uber even changed 2 of them for me. However, after about 4-6...
  5. Da Ub

    Oct 24th statement

    Hi guys, I just noticed I was missing my incentives for pay statement ending Oct 24th, turns out to be around 83.00. Was anyone else missing incentive money also?
  6. RedoBeach

    Anyone Missing Pay Statement?

    I never received my weekly pay statement from Uber for the week of Oct 3rd-10th. This is the first time my PS hasn't been emailed to me on Wednesday around noon. I also didn't receive the pay statement earnings deposit in my bank account. Has anyone else experienced this recently?
  7. RedoBeach

    Checking Pool Fares? ...You Should! Lumping Trips, No Coincidence

    After noticing a significant reduction in total fares after reaching thresholds for trips, I started to paying closer attention to individual fares. In short, Uber is not paying you for the time and miles for each passenger as they claim to be. The only way I was able to determine this is...
  8. SMH Uber

    Mysterious Deduction: Check your pay statements throughly! Riders Cheat and Steal

    Thoroughly**** (I couldnt update the title for you grammar police people) If fellow posters have said it once, twice , three times or more. Check your statements! I haven't been doing that until today. I did notice a reduction in my pay statement this week. Found the culprit trip. I email Uber...
  9. MikesUber

    Three Different Company Names for Pay

    I've noticed for the last few weeks the name that is listed under my pay from Uber keeps changing. Any particular reason for this? ACH DEP UBER USALLC XXXXXXXXX - 1/20 CORPORATE ACH XXXXXXXXXX RAISER,LLC EDI PAYMNT - 12/30 CORPORATE ACH XXXXXXXXXX UBER TECH 2359 EDI PAYMNT - 12/2