pay discrepancy

  1. R

    Uber faking up Kilometers

    So i'm a ubereats driver, today i got an order to deliver from Queens heads pub (Victoria Park) to Clancy Drive, North york; which was about 6.5KM. Uber faking it up as 4.33KM?? Almost Uber deduct 2.2KM? I used their navigation though. And i checked my car's kilometers and google navigation...
  2. justintime516

    Where's My Money?? 2x Uber Fee?

    Hi all, I have both driven for Uber and rode with Uber as well. I noticed that the pricing seemed to be so much more expensive when riding than what I would be told the customer was charged when driving. Last night, I took a pax a longer distance, and it happened to be very close to a ride I...
  3. At your service

    How do I get paid? Please help

    So Thursday October 28th, I noticed two trips were grossly underpaid. They both have the correct address pick up and drop off but the image (on the trip detail) is incorrect showing a much shorter trip. I have contacted Uber 3 times on one trip and twice on the 2nd trip, and have not heard...
  4. OrlandoUberX

    Did Uber not pay me for this trip?

    I was reviewing my trip history and I noticed a surge fare I did was zeroed out. The fare I think was 1.2x and it was 12.98 miles and a 30-minute trip and I was supposed to be paid $17.89 for it. I remember the trip well because it was a mom and daughter, and I remember the mom being a scummy...
  5. G

    Undocumented Changes in Pay the Day After Working

    Really frustrating that we are not considered real employees, I don't care about benefits, but the reason it's bad is because they are not legally bound to keep records of our pay, so if there is a discrepancy (as there is in mine right now!) then what recourse do we have to get it figured out...