pay deducted

  1. Mkbaybay

    Uber deducted $100 off my pay saying it was a TSA fine (San Francisco)

    Hi guys! On July 9th Uber deducted $100 on my pay. I was curious and called them immediately and they said the charge was from TSA from an airport trip on May 7th 2018. They said an airport employee saw me drop off a passenger and my Uber stickers weren't properly displayed. I rent the cars from...
  2. SMH Uber

    Mysterious Deduction: Check your pay statements throughly! Riders Cheat and Steal

    Thoroughly**** (I couldnt update the title for you grammar police people) If fellow posters have said it once, twice , three times or more. Check your statements! I haven't been doing that until today. I did notice a reduction in my pay statement this week. Found the culprit trip. I email Uber...