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pay cuts

  1. Lissetti

    Cali Ants Fight Back!!

    Look at what my SF Board is doing! Go @SanFranant!!:biggrin: https://uberpeople.net/threads/i’m-done.316586/ https://uberpeople.net/threads/i-have-been-contacted-by-sf-chroncile.317210/ Uber drivers prepare to strike over 25 percent cut in wages Kevin Smith PUBLISHED: March 22, 2019 at...
  2. D

    Article from Reason.com

    New York City's Minimum Wage Law for Rideshare Drivers Might Actually Be Reducing Drivers' Pay New court documents suggest that the city's rideshare regulations have backfired in a big way Christian BritschgiMar. 14, 2019 1:25 pm MIKE SEGAR/REUTERS/NewscomNew York City's new minimum pay rules...
  3. New2This

    Be Glad You're In L.A.

    I know you guys have it bad when it comes to Uber. You have: *Worst traffic in the country *The douchiest most entitled riders (based on what I've read here) per capita *Shit rates with $2.62 minimums However, you have two things you should be grateful for: 1. True Multiplier Surge...
  4. BenerD

    Start riding with Uber again after 4 years.Its awful...

    I would like to tell about my oberservations after the first day. I drove for Uber between 2013-2015 in NYC. Currently I reside at Delray Beach FL, I just purchased a Lux/Suv and start driving for Uber yesterday. Well I have to complete 75 trips for uber to activate my Lux/SUV Pay is absolutely...
  5. medusa

    SSDD.....uber sucks!

    Just when you thought the greedy dark lord himself (kalanick) was sidelined and offered hopes of true "partnership" and a fairer share of the earned monies , the prince of darkness comes in and makes things worse grabbing more money for the CEO's that don't need the extra coins. I see the...
  6. Y

    Pay cut

    Crazy they think everyone's just gonna accept a blatant pay-cut. Crazy that a company would think that all their employees are just gonna roll over and accept a pay-cut during the busiest time of the year. "Here's your pay-cut guys and gals!! Enjoy!!" How many Trump University Graduates...
  7. M

    Lyft Bonus vs Uber PDB??? Who is better??

    Guys and girls, Since UBER has been cutting us down and reducing our pay and bonuses I went back and took a look at the LYFT bonus. I haven't looked in 6 months. I was in shock to see they have a bonus program that pays up to $750 a week. Sure you have to do 150 rides but they have tiers all...
  8. P

    Uber is a $62.5 billion company... but they keep lowering our pay

    Uber is a $62.5 billion company, but they keep lowering drivers' pay. They are getting rich by keeping their laborers poor... extremely poor. They inch down the pay, hoping we won't be bothered to complain. Unfortunately for each good driver who quits Ubering, extremely poor people sign up...
  9. MulletMan

    Rate Cuts Make Uberx Comparable to Pizza Delivery

    I chose to deliver pizza when the great recession hit construction in Atlanta '07 - '09. Pros: The pizzas can't rate you. The pizzas don't care what your ride looks like You don't have to talk to the pizzas. You only have a limited area to drive. Cons: Almost completely dependent on tips. You...
  10. C

    what is break even pay

    I got the message that they were reducing pay to $1.15 per mile $.15 min in Mobile Al. Here my answer. Congratulations you have just priced us out of business!! With car maintenance at $0.45 per mile, $1.15 less UBER 25% cut only leaves $0.87 per mile. Since at least two miles are driven for...
  11. Max0487


    We Need to Get together against the ridiculous abuse. UBER HAS BECOME THE WALMART OF TRANSPORTATION. Is there any help groups in new Jersey? ??
  12. H

    Gett driver rate cuts

    Getts deal rate, which is the only one people use just went from .90 peak rate to .75 cents. Off peak went from .62 cents to .55. Anyone else get that email? So they onboard a pile of drivers from JFK LGA parking lots then cut the rates to drivers. If you do the math, the rate change is the...
  13. MikesUber

    Will You Drive for $.90/mile and $.15/minute?

    Pittsburgh, PA Base Fare: Previous: $1.50 Current: $1.20 (20% cut) Per Minute: Previous: $0.20 Current: $0.15 (25% cut) Per Mile: Previous: $1.20 Current: $0.90 (25% cut)