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pay cut

  1. Mista T

    Latest "update" from Lyft in my market

    Here is the original version: and here is the plain English translation: At least they told us within one week that our pay had been cut. Uber didn't tell us about the computer ID hack for a year, so I suppose that makes Lyft the better company.
  2. Pax Collector

    Here we go!

    Looks like little brother Gryft has followed in Fuber's footsteps.
  3. BurgerTiime

    Nobody should be taking passengers via Hiawatha

    With Uber’s new “pay rates” they’ll be taking a heck of a lot more when you take Hiawatha. Anywhere from 5-20% and over the long run this will cost you dearly. So maximize you pay and take 35w EVERY TIME! When you’re solo of course take the less traffic way but even with traffic take passengers...
  4. RideshareSpectrum

    New Rates are a 12%-20% reduction over time. Don’t be a Sucker...

    If you agreed to this you deserve everything that’s coming your way:
  5. Mista T

    The math of the paycut

    Let's do some math and figure out what the actual damage will be to us. I am only going to do the math on Uber X/regular Lyft. This math does not include Base Pay of $.94, and it does not include the mythical surge, or quests, or gas, or the inevitable flat tire. If you are driving at an...
  6. Mista T

    New rates

    What a bunch 0f …. Uber can go @@@@ themselves.
  7. S

    UBER LUBE? Where can I buy?

    Drove for almost 4 hours this morning. Had a $60 donuts and coffee delivery and got paid $5.82. I mean WOW guys do I get free lube for taking orders that big and getting raped in every ORIFICE or what? Grub Hub is activated and all I have to do is go get my equipment. Do you guys even care...
  8. R

    Pay Change?

    Driving in Albuquerque last night I noticed my pay was closer to 50% of the fair. On a $9.33 fair I made $4.66. My next ride resulted in a fair of $7.75 if which I made $3.73 (under 50%). I called it a night and went home. This is the first time in 9 months that the ratio has been this bad...
  9. New2This

    PSA: N2TMH Construction

    Just an FYI for you Longhaulers that use the New2This Memorial Highway AKA 695/295 South. They're doing a LOT of construction work until July 20th (according to the signs) getting it down to one lane. Not sure if it's weekend evenings too. This is gonna suck for the next week.
  10. neigedoi

    Driverless Cars Could Make Transportation Free for Everyone

    Here's the article's premise (link below): "Want a gratis ride? You’ll just have to stop at some stores along the way." As a pax, it sounds great. For me as a driver, it sounds like Pool+ (or Pool-minus). EDIT: Here's a bit more from the article: "Say you and your friends want to go to the...
  11. C

    Uber just quit Quest trips in LA. I'm sure other cities will follow.

    Well, sure enough, Uber manages to make another bad decision to anger drivers and lower the money they can make. The only way you can make Quest money now (in LA for now) is if you drive between 7-9am and 5-7pm. As usual, this will come back to bite them, and we'll see what happens. These...
  12. Maven

    Dealing With Rising Gas Prices

    Gas prices have skyrocketed in the last few weeks. I expect them to go higher still, partially due to the mess in Houston. While gas prices are still much lower than their peak (over $4 per gallon), this is effectively a pay cut for Uber/Lyft/Delivery independent-contractors (drivers), who must...
  13. Sfla415guy

    Uber Increased Fares & Drivers Got a Pay Cut/Mystery "Uber Fee" Explained

    Every driver needs to go back and scrutinize all of their trips since upfront pricing has gone into effect aswell as trips since the transition of showing our per/mile per/minute rate pre & post 20% or 25% Commission vs. now just showing our rate after the 20% or 25% has been taken. Many...
  14. N

    Check how much you get paid

    Good morning dear Uberists. I just wanted to let you know that lately uber is taking more fees than before. Especially if you are picking up from Logan. You just want to make sure to check after every ride. I have some pics that I will show you in my next postings.
  15. B

    No base fare for 2nd Pool Paxs. Check your fares!!

    So i just called Uber wondering why i didn't get a base fare for both pax. they said that unless the 2nd pax pickup has 2 people.... so 1 person already in the car, get a ping and it's 1 other person by themselves you don't get the extra fare. so basically you are LOSING MONEY by driving pool...
  16. NapsterSA

    Minimum Fare Adjustment Decrease in Greater Maryland?

    Prior to this week my driver pay for all minimal rides was $3.71. I've had a couple this week that were less. Distance and time rates are unchanged, so the only difference must be in the Min Fare Adjustment (MFA) calculation. One of my very short trips would have paid only $2.86 (incl MFA) had...
  17. irishdjg53

    Uber pay rip-off

    Just earned $46 off a total $72 paid by the rider. That amounts to 36% of the fair or $26 to Uber. Attorneys only charge 33% for collect fees. Uber picking our pockets.
  18. Kennedy C

    20% pay cut in Bradenton / Sarasota Florida market

    Bradenton/Sarasota pay cut.... (correction) there has been no pay cut, I was just too slow to figure out the app pay screen new look. drive on - without me.
  19. Kadiddlehopper

    In the Tampa Airport what are you on average making a day?

    I hear some wild stuff about what people are making. I think these ads by Uber and especially Lyft are over the top making $1500 a day. On a average day how much do you make a day and how many hours do you work?
  20. M

    Lyft Bonus vs Uber PDB??? Who is better??

    Guys and girls, Since UBER has been cutting us down and reducing our pay and bonuses I went back and took a look at the LYFT bonus. I haven't looked in 6 months. I was in shock to see they have a bonus program that pays up to $750 a week. Sure you have to do 150 rides but they have tiers all...