1. Kurt Halfyard

    Top 10 "My Other Driver Let Me..."

    10. "Pre-Game on the way to Rebel with Vodka & Redbull in open Red Solo Cups with my pals." 9. "Stop for smokes at the 7-11, I'll be 30 seconds, I don' know how to put in extra stops..." 8. "Have the Aux Cord for a 3 minute trip, Fam." 7. "Take this U-Turn in the middle of the...
  2. Kurt Halfyard

    Multiculturalism, Embarrassment & A Can of Smirnoff ICE [Story]

    Short Story: Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Sunday Night. 8pm. Get a ping to a Hotel on Winston Churchill Boulevard @ QEW Highway. Pax Name: "Amber." I arrive at Hotel, main lobby round-about, which looks completely vacant and sad, and click the pink "ARRIVE" button on the LYFT App. Nobody...
  3. mrpjfresh

    Upset and refused drunk shatters windows trying to open locked door

    Might have to rethink talking to certain riders even though cracked windows it seems... Crazy. Summary: From reddit. Driver in West Hollywood refused a rider because paxhole was too drunk. Rider throws a tantrum and breaks window trying to open locked door. Paxhole runs off. Uber temporarily...
  4. L

    This is the problem with entitled passengers

    Review from passenger from product review "Was ok. Needed to use it while in Perth a fair bit. Out of nowhere i start getting low ratings whenever travelling from my workplace to my accomodation. I'm sorry but you are getting paid to drop me literally a few hundred meters down the road (using...
  5. Cowboy Dan

    Doing The Right Thing

    A few days ago I forgot to end the ride at the airport and drove ten miles away before I realized I had spaced. I did this one other time and both times I did the right thing, I asked Uber to reimburse the pax for my screw up. Am I telling you this so you'll say, geez, Cowboy Dan sure is a...
  6. LA Husky

    Lowest pax rating ever?

    Got a 45+ Select ping 5min away but the rider's rating was a... 4.06. I was in no mood to find out what kind of human being can have such a low rating. After about 6 weeks of driving, the lowest I've seen before this was a 4.3ish on a pool request, but man, a 4.06 on a Select? What is the...
  7. LA Husky

    What would you guys do?

    Had my first surged Select ping (1.7) in the Manhattan Beach area last weekend at around 5pm. Accepted ping 7 min away and started driving to pax location when pax sends text "uber said u were 3 min away and now you're 7 MIN AWAY???" Yes the last words were in caps with three question marks. Was...
  8. Mista T

    Just another story

    Pull up to small apartment complex. Uber did not acknowledge that I was there, so clicked Arrived. Sat there for a minute, but timer did not start. Sigh. Pulled forward to some people, lucky guess it was them. Woman gets in. Timer starts (lol). The guy, a young man, says the ride is for her...
  9. YouEvenLyftBruh

    Is Lyft Screwing With Me? First Pick Up After Car Wash & Vacuum...

    Pet Daycare & Grooming Center. No Joke. ...and while this is not actual photo is very close approximation. I had to go back and vacuum my car, AGAIN.
  10. YouEvenLyftBruh

    I knew it! PAXHOLES blamed me for hillbilly stadium quagmire.

    THERE ARE TWO THINGS WRONG HERE: Problem #1: Bless your heart, Sweety, I know I how to get to the stadium. I don't control traffic or what Lyft "estimates" as my arrival time (a search here shows A YEAR of same complaints) brief summary: - PAX call me angry. "WHERE ARE YOU IT SAYS 1...
  11. •Surge Ibaka•

    Entitled CA @@@@@@@@

    These people were skeptical of the Uber platform. I had to indulge them and listen to their West Coast drivel for 25 mins. Of course they can’t be bothered to tip. We need to convince @@@@@@@@ like these to take a cab from NoSco to Old Town. Cheap @@@@s!!
  12. Mista T

    A frustrating night

    I gave out more 1-4 star ratings last night in a 6 hour period than I would ever believe possible. It was as if there was a paxhole conspiracy going on, mostly time wasters taking forever to get in the car. Some highlights (lowlights?): ---------- Picked up "Karma", couple of mid-40s women all...
  13. MercDuke

    People who should've TIPPED!

    I get it, you take Uber/Lyft to work AND home 5 days a week, you have an Uber Pass, you carry your own bags, I never leave my seat, fine, no tip from you. I understand.... BUT: Some people are just manner less cretins..... Your name was Chelsea, you flew in from Austin, you, your Husband, your...
  14. Wolfie52

    My new driver rating will by default 4*

    I came upon this forum when I contemplated becoming an Uber Driver. I have used Uber for about a dozen rides as a passenger. I have rated each 5* despite not always being perfect (a couple have sped and one lane straddled on the Interstate). However after reading many forum posts on here, with...
  15. newbiewpb

    entitled ,cheap,pax its getting worse

    oh yeah we love uber so cheap tip nope sorry entitled pax holes stars do not pay my rent oh lobster tonight ,multiple club runs, sounds great , glad you all enjoyed your fancy meals, and parties at the clubs f this 1 = star no cash tip 5= star any cash tip no in between all of you drivers be...