1. Mista T

    Another (long) paxhole story

    2 men and a woman come out of a bar. 1st man comes to the car and I ask the name, which he gives me correctly. 2nd man gets in the car. I can tell both have had a lot to drink, but are in a good mood. Women opens the door and says Hello, what's my name? I ignored her. One of the guys says Get...
  2. wicked

    Uber Comfort LOL

    This is a catastrophe for drivers imo. Premium economy services are the worst. Passengers who subscribe to these services will be extra nitpicky too because they paid a couple bucks more. I'll just leave this right here: -Lowered rates from pilot program -10 min pax wait time -Be muted by...
  3. PioneerXi

    The Paxhole That Wasn’t...Then Was

    It had not been, a great week. While driving last Friday morning, paramedics telephoned to advise of a medical emergency. The Matriarch was transported to trauma, with injuries of significance that...I needed to notify the scattered family. My Sister In Law from Tennessee, was first to arrive...
  4. Kurt Halfyard

    All Time Champion UBER TROLL

    This lady from Chicago/SanFrancisco seems to have dedicated her entire Twitter Feed to bashing UBER DRIVERS and it is kind of amusing.
  5. SMH Uber

    Pax: "That's why I have a 5 star rating!"

    Picked up a pax from the Zachary hotel, the new hotel across from Wrigley. He was outside waiting when I arrived, which is great, a golden pax, that understands the rules. Now, because uber does not show pax pic, if they add one, I didnt know it was him, because when he approached my car, he...
  6. C

    I feel like a paxhole

    I've learned a lot from this website, how things are for you guys, the crap you have to deal with, more confirmation of the fact big companies suck, etc. I'd like to believe that my lurking on UP is the reason I still have a perfect 5 star pax rating, and why almost every Uber driver I've ever...
  7. Pax Collector

    Dang it, Mark!

  8. Pax Collector

    Don't you love it when....

    Ok, I'm partly to blame, as I accepted a 4.67 ping four minutes away. It was around 6pm and I thought maybe it's just a misunderstood pax, let's give him a chance. I arrive at a cul de sac, flip my car around and start waiting. After about 30 seconds, I start to think "Gee, I wonder why he's...
  9. YouEvenLyftBruh

    Gay NYC Pax Call Police On "N-Word" Lyft Driver Who Refused To Play Music For Them

    (the headline was altered to be a more accurate representation of the story) Gay New Yorker Calls Police On "N-Word" Lyft Driver Who's "Racist Against Gay People" | Instinct So...
  10. PioneerXi

    Where's my 1* gone?

    Hmm. Monday 24 September I picked up a passenger downtown. Pulling up in the dark couldn't I see the face of the rider. Confirmed rider name and let them in. Driving, I recognize that the rider use to work at my former employer, and that I had separated them. Dropped rider off and moved down...
  11. HotUberMess

    “You gotta settle this with Lyft”

    I arrive at pickup location, wait a few minutes. It’s a Lyft rider so I try to call to see when they’re thinking of coming out of the hotel to meet me. No answer. That and five minutes will get me $5 so, I wait. I get a call from the rider, and he says: “I’m halfway to Universal now, why...
  12. nutzareus

    Unsafe Driving?

    I was just notified by Fuber that a paxhole reported me for being uncomfortable with my driving maneuvers. FOH... I haven’t driven since August 28th?
  13. LA Husky

    Lowest pax rating ever?

    Got a 45+ Select ping 5min away but the rider's rating was a... 4.06. I was in no mood to find out what kind of human being can have such a low rating. After about 6 weeks of driving, the lowest I've seen before this was a 4.3ish on a pool request, but man, a 4.06 on a Select? What is the...
  14. Mista T

    Should have just paid me like you promised

    Picked up 4 guys last night (in my little car). First one to the car has an open bag of Doritos. I said please be careful with those, I don't happen to have a vacuum on me. He says Oh yeah, I gotcha bro, no worries. No mess from me. 3 more get in. Car is so packed they can't even put on seat...
  15. LA Husky

    What would you guys do?

    Had my first surged Select ping (1.7) in the Manhattan Beach area last weekend at around 5pm. Accepted ping 7 min away and started driving to pax location when pax sends text "uber said u were 3 min away and now you're 7 MIN AWAY???" Yes the last words were in caps with three question marks. Was...
  16. hybriduber

    Best 1* I ever got!

    Had a paxhole change his destination to a fast food drive through as we got close to his original destination tonight. As I got there, I looked at the app and it says complete trip, so I did. Paxhole says, "what are you doing, go to the drive through." Said sorry, but we are here at your...
  17. thatridesharegirl

    Passenger left me a nice bottle of Hennessy

    I don't know what you expected. I don't know what I expected. Girl in the front seat asked if they could drink Hennessy in my car. I said 'no'. 500 feet from the end of the trip I heard (and smelled) it being consumed behind me. (Why ask me if its okay if you're just going to do it anyway?)...
  18. B

    Pedestrian Vehicles

    We all know bikes, pedestrians, scooters, whatever you wanna ride on.... all people walking on the sidewalks have a chip on their shoulder. they will walk in front of traffic, flip you off, and smile with a smugness that makes you want to murder them. I had 2 people today that qualified and I...
  19. YouEvenLyftBruh

    What if, I only gave 1 ride per week?

    Okay, bear with me, tl;dr I've been obsessed with rooting that trash PAX giving me 1 stars, seemingly every week. Last week, I gave something like only 12 rides, and carefully documented each ride. Making sure every single ride was perfect. Water bottles, temperature, charging cables, chit...
  20. Agent037

    1 starting poop paxholes? Can we meet again?

    I don't do pool. But if someone gives a 1 star to a poop paxhole, can they get linked up again as an X or something else?