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pax rating

  1. MoneyMitch

    Bypassing Rating PAX on Uber

    So what happens when you hard-close the Uber app when the PAX rating option comes up (at the end of the trip)? I’ve had several occasions where I would have to hard close the app (due to a glitch) or I just didn’t feel like rating the PAX. I have a theory that it would count as a “0” rating for...
  2. Mista T

    Giving reasons to Uber for low rating to pax

    When you give an under 5* rating to a pax on Uber the options appear asking what is the reason. I haven't given a reason in months, but wanted to the other day. All the options were locked on me, I could not give a reason. Anyone else experiencing this?
  3. Marco Solo

    Uber announces pax with ratings of 4.0 and below will be banned...in Australia

    https://www.news.com.au/technology/innovation/uber-riders-with-consistently-bad-ratings-will-be-banned-company-announces/news-story/24703fe66cc8df3db04e2b4325b11388 But only after an initial warning and a follow-up. And then only for 6 months. Article says Aussie drivers' biggest peeve is...
  4. LA Husky

    Lowest pax rating ever?

    Got a 45+ Select ping 5min away but the rider's rating was a... 4.06. I was in no mood to find out what kind of human being can have such a low rating. After about 6 weeks of driving, the lowest I've seen before this was a 4.3ish on a pool request, but man, a 4.06 on a Select? What is the...
  5. IERide

    What’s the lowest rating of a PAX that you’ll accept?

    Now that i’m driving more, i’m starting to pay more attention to pax ratings before accepting...my basic rule of thumb lately is to not pick up anyone with a rating lower than my driver rating (4.84) ... Do you accept all pax or do you have a ratings limit for who you will accept? PS: I know...
  6. mags2K

    Pax rating on Uber

    I've been getting 1 star rated Pax on Uber (see attached) - though I'm not sure if the Star pertains to Pax rating or something else.
  7. Herself

    Quick question

    Anyway we can see rider rating? And if not y is ot for? Wouldn't it be more safe for us drivers to be able to know what other drivers thought about that person?
  8. Rahlo

    Whoa, 4.31 Pax rating? Have You Thought Of Purchasing A Bicycle?

    Sometimes I'll pick up a low rated Rider just to see how much of a jerk they'll be. 4.31 stars is a bit much though. I could only imagine how he earned that rating. Mostly by being a jerk probably.
  9. circle1

    Pax Ratings . . . Any Link To Quality One-Way-Or-The-Other?

    Has anybody seen any correlation between pax ratings and quality of ride/issues?? Obviously the people doing this for more than 6 months will have a better gauge . . .
  10. Starman@uber

    The Reason Why I dont like UBER Pool

    The reason (s) I dont like UBER Pool are simple, UBER, as well as the insurance carrier...as well the Passengers inside, hope that we are driving under safe terms. If I was a passenger, I would feel very uncomfortable watching a driver texting or not having his eyes on the road while answering a...
  11. MikesUber

    Ride Immediately Ends When Swipe "Begin Trip"?

    Hello UberPeople, So this has happened twice out of 200 rides and really created headaches for myself and the passenger. My passenger gets in the car, I confirm their name and I go to swipe "Begin Trip". After swiping, the app immediately goes to the Stars screen to rate the passenger...