pax rating driver

  1. D

    Can't Pax know/figure how you rated them and then rate you?

    Since passengers are not taking rides often as drivers it would be simpler to figure out how the driver rated them. E.g. a passenger before a trip has a rating of 4.5 after 4 rides. Then after they take your ride (their 5th rise), you rate them 1 star, so their new rating ((4.5*4 + 1)/5) is...
  2. B-kool

    Anyone ever do this?

    If you see that the pax experience suddenly takes a weird spin for the worst, and you know you will be rated down because you see that look in their eye, you simply have them cancel the trip? I have only done this one time, but my thought process was, this is a 14+ in my pocket, but what is...