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pax arrested

  1. F

    to My Pax Amy !

    To my Pax :: Amy Your rate is 4,6 You not get in my car ! i accpeted you to get your $5 cash ! thanks for only $4 uber keep the $1 Hey Amy ! I'm your femal driver LoLo "who called you asked you : where do you going to !? You said : You don't know !!!! mmm ! my job ! to drive me to...
  2. vladi

    Uber app review comments

    Have you ever check them? I'm having sort of insomnia and I start killing time. Let's post some fun stuff here This is so funny to read Oh maybe that's my cat fight story? Two issues review is typical uber pax!! No one owes you Sh1t u stupid @@@@ Another troll crying about wear and tear of...
  3. RUSSREED2.0

    Today is the day! WELL NOT REALLY!!!

    Its a bright and gorgeous day. I plan on eating, napping KekeLo, Ubering bien sur!!! But I don't know, Biden and Globes, BOTH traffic catastrophies, waiting to happen.. Lord have mercy on us all.. what say you?! No snarkiness Tedgey Sluber lol! Then again it is UberPeeps, nevermind...
  4. OCDodgerFan

    I just got a passenger arrested.

    Okay, so tonight's been... interesting. Not only was it pathetically slow (I am on track to receive my lowest paycheck since I damaged my car in August), but my last ride resulted in a passenger getting arrested. The pickup was in Anaheim, at a "gentlemen's club" called Fritz That's It. It's...