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passenger ratings

  1. J

    Can you see a passenger's rating?

    I'm not able to see passenger ratings. It bugs me since it seems like there's no accountability on their end. I'm sure they can see my rating just fine. Maybe this is old. Or maybe this is just in Chicago. Or maybe this is only for those hired after a certain date. What gives? What's the...
  2. UberIowa15

    Drivers' guide to rating passengers

    I've noticed that the ratings system in Des Moines is not a reliable indicator of the quality of passengers. From talking to other drivers, I get the sense that many just automatically rate virtually everyone 5 stars, sometimes in front of them at the end of a ride to subtly push for...
  3. Russ Reed

    Fradulent Rider! LET IT BEGIN

    So, there's a new feature on Uber called fradulent rider. I had a PAX request me on POOL twice, in the same area and then canceled twice. I proceeded to wait and sure enough he requested again. BINGO! ACCEPT END TRIP FRADULENT RIDER. When PAX's start acting crazy, Ill do it everytime...
  4. Silver Cap

    Passenger Ratings

    How low does a Pax rating have to be before Uber pull the plug? I had an X trip come up last night, 12 minutes away with a 3.3 rating. I won't even drive 12 minutes to pick up 5 stars on X .
  5. Starman@uber

    The Reason Why I dont like UBER Pool

    The reason (s) I dont like UBER Pool are simple, UBER, as well as the insurance carrier...as well the Passengers inside, hope that we are driving under safe terms. If I was a passenger, I would feel very uncomfortable watching a driver texting or not having his eyes on the road while answering a...
  6. Lost In Translation

    How to rate passengers who don't tip.

    I have adopted the TAG program. When pax ask how I like driving for Uber I answer "The wages are really low, but the tips are great." I have signs posted in my car saying. "Tips are great. Tips gratefully accepted by cash or credit card" (I ordered a free Square Reader to process credit card...
  7. Agent99

    Gave my first "1 Star" to rider

    I picked up a well-dressed businessman with a 4.8 rating. He had a can of Coca-Cola in his hand. I could have asked him not to drink it in the car but I decided not to say anything. I figured he probably would not spill it. Near the end of the ride I started hearing the sound of his crumpling...
  8. DieselkW

    Finally Got a Dual Ping Dual Charged

    The most annoying part of my TNC experience is getting a ping, and then having it cancel a few minutes later. Whether or not I get a cancellation fee is irrelevant, I'd rather have the fare and it's always a WTF? moment for me when I'm already rolling and then, <sad trombone> cancel sound...
  9. JerseyBoy911

    1.0 Star Rating

    So morristown was a bust last night. Surge came and went in a blink of an eye, Hoboken and JC weren't surging much as it usually should...so much for the Uber Text about surging... :rolleyes: So anyway, after the surge went, I kept my app on...I get a ping..for "Edmund 1.0 *" I was tempted to...
  10. R

    Let's bomb them with emails about passenger ratings

    I have been emailing back-and-forth with three different customer service reps regarding the passenger ratings not being displayed. The last one said that we should contact them if we encounter this issue again. OK! If they want to play dumb about this, let's give them what they ask for. RALLY...