passenger cancellation

  1. MetroDriver

    Wrong Pax pick up

    I get to the pickup on Lyft this evening... & see one pax enter a vehicle .... and another pax standing around lookin on his phone ... I pull over waiting for the pax (I do have a lit Lyft logo in windshield) ... He didn't acknowledge me or anything but I knew he was waiting for a ride About...
  2. Tequila Jake

    Why Lyft Passengers Cancel

    I've noticed there is a much higher cancellation rate among Lyft riders than Uber riders. Today I took my first Lyft ride and I think I understand why. When I opened the app, it showed about 8 cars all within 2-3 miles of my location on Chandler Blvd in Ahwatukee. However, the driver that got...