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  1. Stingmason

    Tlc inspection passing question

    Hello. I have an appointment with TLC inspection next week. The car is good just the front bumper and grill have cracks. Will i pass? Also the hood tip is slightly bent.
  2. Russ Reed

    Fradulent Rider! LET IT BEGIN

    So, there's a new feature on Uber called fradulent rider. I had a PAX request me on POOL twice, in the same area and then canceled twice. I proceeded to wait and sure enough he requested again. BINGO! ACCEPT END TRIP FRADULENT RIDER. When PAX's start acting crazy, Ill do it everytime...
  3. R

    Will my car pass PCO MOT inspection with light damage?

    My car is due for PCO inspection in December but I have a dent in my front bumper with a 2 inch hole. Will this still pass the inspection? My car will pass standard MOT but can the PCO inspection fail it based on damage externally?