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  1. astoriadriver

    Part Time Drivers- what are part time rates?

    Just curious how many part-time drivers are out there.. What are the most common weekly rental rates/hours offered? Is it shift work? Has anyone else noticed some of the major insurance providers (american transit) requiring 3 years dmv now and 1 year TLC? I could have sworn last year they...
  2. E

    Registration & Insurance & ATO

    Hi guys Im new here and to Uber. have not officially started but thought id shoot a few questions re car rego, insurance and ATO ive tried to get as much info as possible but some of it is still a little blurry so i thought id ask the experts - you guys ! I am thinking about Ubering part...
  3. Justsurge1

    Shouldn't weekends and Holidays be automatic surges?

    Good morning everyone. I dont see how anyone that drives uberx can make any money without surge in place. I accidentally went online while in Drexel Hill after I had installed the app and recieved my first ping! I didnt know how to accept it at first so my first instinct was to "tap" the screen...
  4. PaoPao


    Uber people in Singapore: I read all your disappointing post and want to perk you guys up a bit. Originally I was also trying to find a vehicle and thinking if I should try for Uber. Then I found this car rental (Website name Tribecar) that does hourly car rental at $0.50 - $1.00/ hr No other...
  5. Manny_2IS

    Full Time Driver?

    Hey guys, I'm considering about quitting my job so i can focus on school and do Uber/Lyft part time. However I was wondering what is the average driver making in Los Angeles / Orange Country during Monday - Thursday evenings?
  6. Harlem_Hassan

    Part time Uber work for Fulltime worker?

    Interested in becoming an Uber driver. I recently spoke with a Driver of Both Uber and lyft and he gave me some info on becoming a driver but here is my situation. I currently work a full time job 9-5. If I were to start doing Uber/Lyft I would work from 5:30 to 11:30, 3day/week, Thursday...