1. tcaud

    (Uber Eats) Watch out for Keystone Bar & Grill

    Had a request from there tonight. Place was completely packed. No parking available for a quarter mile. Didn't want the customer to wait. I parked in front of the Indian cuisine place in the strip next door, so that I could walk right over. I saw signs warning of towing but figured that there'd...


    Has any other drivers seen negative remarks and a couple of hours later remarks are gone...?
  3. T

    How does Uber work locally? Does it use local intermediaries to facilitate its operations?

    Hi, I am wondering how do Uber and similar companies operate in their different international markets. I would be curious to find out how it works across different countries i.e. does it use any intermediaries in facilitating the payments to drivers on local basis? Is there someone else...
  4. Manotas

    If you think Eewber still thinks of you as a partner? Try downloading the app again

    I saw this on my Android App market when I tried to re-install the app
  5. PlayHD

    Drivers, display tips / tipping ok sign, increase revenue by 15%-20% !

    Let your riders know tipping is accepted & appreciated, increase your revenue considerably. Educate your customers don't assume they know ... you can thank me later ! Depending on how many hours & where you drive, I might have some advertising opportunities available in & out of your car. Text /...
  6. D

    Turn off partner app notifications - lest you want to be awoken in the middle of the night.

    Had trouble sleeping, but finally managed to. Suddenly CLUNK! (roughly the sound of notifications on my iPhone). It was the partner app "Don't miss out on morning rush hour!" with reminders of busy morning commute hours. It was 2am. Uber, if I crash due to fatigue, I'm blaming you.
  7. A

    Anyone have a car to rent?

    I'm looking for an uber driver that may be interested in renting thier car the hours they are not driving. I have been approved and am ready to roll , just need to get started with an eligible vehicle and leases are not an option.
  8. M

    Uber & Grab driver wanted

    Hi all, I am looking for a driver partner of Uber AND GrabCar who has registered with both and drives a rental car. This is for some media queries - If anyone is keen please reply in this thread and I can share more information. Thank you!
  9. Laz Yoldlug

    Earn $175 when you refer a human being with a drivers license to drive for Uber!

    The email I received said: "Earn $175 when you refer a friend, family member or colleague to drive with Uber!" (After 20 completed trips in Raleigh-Durham) I have no intention of doing that to a friend or my worst enemy...
  10. ubermandfw

    Becoming a Black Car Contractor when partnerships fail

    There are many aggregators of black car service out there. You know them, UBER, Blacklane, MUV to name a few. Each has their niche, but all have one thing in common, they make money while you don't! Sure, you come across on occasion a good bid (blacklane) or a good run (UBER, MUV), but the...
  11. Laz Yoldlug

    I'm confused. Please define "Partner"

    This morning when I initiated the Uber Partner Ap in order to start to drive, I received a new acknowledgement agreement indicating that brand new & future driver partners would be subject to a revised pay scale. It seems like the current percentages are not as profitable as they would like...
  12. UB-MKC

    A life of a Uber Drive Partner (GTA)

    Hello to all Uber drive partners (Toronto) I am initiating this threat to share day to day, life, concerns, issues, suggestions, and future of a Uber drive partners (Greater Toronto Area). Some of the topics to start with I would like to discuss this forum are: 1. Economics of real earning...