partner support

  1. Jack Malarkey

    Strange text from Uber

    I have just received the following strange text from Uber: UBER: Hi #, unfortunately the Canberra Greenlight Hub will be closed today. Normal operating hours will resume tomorrow. If you require any assistance, please head to and our friendly team will be in contact. Thanks, Uber...
  2. DrivenToDistraction

    Partner "Support." Are You Kidding Me?

    I swear if I had a dollar for all the ways that Uber makes me detest them, well....I wouldn't have to drive for Uber. I don't know why I even bother sending an e-mail to "partner" support. Some ill trained stooge in an offshore call center glances at my e-mail, looks for the first word that...
  3. G

    Pax called me 2 days after completed ride

    Now I had not been online for two days (since 9/17) because I was busy and in my friend's wedding. All of a sudden on Saturday 9/19 I start getting calls from the generic Uber rider number- (832) 730-2936. I ignore the calls because I was taking pics with my phone. I didn't think anything of it...
  4. chi1cabby

    Uber Contact Info List For 297 Markets