partner people

  1. J

    Has anyone used partner people?

    hi, i'm looking to sign up for uber, I have a camry hybrid. although i need to get insurance before i do. so to become an uber driver you need an ABN and you need to register for GST and do your bas and tax etc but i read somewhere that partner people removes the need to register for ABN and...
  2. g00r

    Australian Drivers - Partner People can backdate your Uber Income

    Intro To all Australian Uber drivers who have just started out, or have been driving for some time now, what ever your situation may be, one thing all of us have in common is the requirement to comply with Tax law, specifically the 1999 Commonwealth GST act. The ATO requires: In May 2015, the...
  3. g00r

    A UberX Insurance solution is on the way

    Hi all, As we all know, the two biggest issues facing UberX drivers in Australia are fines and insurance. Uber pays the fines, which works for now, and they also give us verbal reassurances that everything will be fine if the worst occurs. Excuse the teaser but Partner People should have a...