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  1. PioneerXi

    You Cretinous Moron

    The day after a long weekend. The airport approach path is full with inbound flights. The drive down to pickups for my rematch is ludicrous - I can only imagine how heinous it was if you drove in from the Pig Pen. And there you were. In you off white pale cream eggshell Camry, with your...
  2. Stars28

    DFW Protocol

    Yesterday, in the waiting lot on the north side by the humongous American flag, there was a DFW police officer moving people along from parking along the white fence. He was also scanning DFW permits. I know this is a fire lane, but lots of people park here. Can you get a ticket for this...
  3. DrinkSoda

    Chicago tax $ at work

    Recently got back into town and get seated at a restaurant for a bite to eat. Get a street view. After my order is taken a streets & san tow truck slowly pulls up. Car had 3 tickets and was parked in the metered area. My server tells me the car had been parked outside not moved since...
  4. S

    Stopping in road for pax: Illegal?

    Short version: Is stopping in the middle of traffic to pick up or drop off passengers illegal? If so, what should ordinary citizens do about it, if anything? Long version: I often encounter rideshare and taxi drivers who wait for passengers in the middle of the road with their hazard lights on...
  5. DollarFree

    New game

  6. HeyBruno

    Special parking

    There's a couple popular restaurants in town using Uber Eats. Picking up an order is a hassle because their parking lots are always full (except for a handicap spot I selfishly claim to use for hopefully brief order pickups). It would be nice if Uber somehow knew which restaurants to contract...
  7. Punisher187

    Don't park there....

    I don't know what street that is. But this picture was distributed via whatsapp.
  8. tomatopaste

    Lots of Lobbies and Zero Zombies: How Self-Driving Cars Will Reshape Cities

    https://www.wired.com/story/self-driving-cars-cities/ Building height restrictions meant to reduce traffic and parking space requirements lose their justification in the self-driving city, so zoning laws can chill out. Speed limits, stop signs, traffic lights: These are the trappings of a...
  9. D

    New Driver looking for overnight parking advice!

    Hi Everyone, I live in Manhattan and am becoming an uber driver? Where do people park their cars overnight for cheap? Do some park in Brooklyn/Queens/NJ on the street and take the subway back if they live in Manhattan? Can't pay these crazy parking garage expenses in Manhattan right now...
  10. Questionlady

    NYC parking questions

    Hi All, My son is a new driver for Ubereats in NYC. In the last 2 weeks his car has been towed, got 2 parking tickets and a cell phone ticket for holding his phone while checking the GPS. Do you have signs that say you drive for Uber and if so, do they help? Short of never stopping , do have...
  11. GruveRecords

    Restaurants with impossible parking: Who actually accepts these orders?

    And why are the UberEats Sales guys not bright enough to think this one through? I'm talking about those spots on busy streets with no parking//valet only/tow zones. This one really makes me curious. How many of you guys actually accept these orders? Also had one of those ridiculous high...
  12. Jack Malarkey

    Free parking at Manuka shops for UberEATS pickups

    Today I discovered it’s easier to get free and legal parking at the Manuka shops during business hours than I had thought. McDonald’s has a drive-through but Zambrero and Manuka Steakhouse don’t. You can often get free and legal parking in front of and behind Manuka Occassional Care (MOCCA) in...
  13. smoran26

    Patriot Home Games

    Are there any rules associated with picking up at Patriots games (similar to say the airport of pick up in X parking lot etc?) What are practices to ensure safe pick-up in the madness of that traffic? (My brother is a season ticket holder and I'm dropping him off so I'm gonna be there and...
  14. kensteriraq

    Cancelling uber eats

    Last night around midnight I saw, yet again, that I couldn't make yet another quest and took a certain satisfaction cancelling an uber eats that it assigned to me as I was flying past the I-66 exit. I wrote I couldn't hit my quest anyway so I decided to cancel this one on uber. Besides, half...
  15. GypsyJoker

    Golden Gate Bridge's Vista Point Closed for Five Weeks

    http://www.marinij.com/general-news/20170802/golden-gate-bridge-to-close-vista-point-for-next-five-weekends Hi, Folks, If you, like I, have picked up riders and dropped off passengers at Vista Point on the North end of the Golden Gate Bridge, guess what? The Bridge Authority has just...
  16. Jack Malarkey

    UberEATS parking in Canberra

    Uber sent the following email to Canberra drivers on Friday 4 August 2017 to Canberra drivers: UberEATS Restaurant Pick-Ups Hi Jack, We understand that looking for parking during UberEATS deliveries can be a challenge. However, we always recommend you follow all relevant road rules, and...
  17. mags2K

    Where do you park in the City?

    I'm sure many of us are in this boat. Say you have a Pax to drop off at Navy Pier or Museum or whatever popular spot in the City. You hope to get another ping quick enough but you just don't. And, obviously, there's no free parking so you keep circling the blocks which only runs up your fuel...
  18. HiDuuken

    Lyft at MIA 11 Ft Tall Veh Parking

    Trying to do a pickup at MIA. Of course because of proximity you have to get close to the terminals. I'm parked in the tall vehicle parking where Door 1 of Arrivals is in eyeshot (about 20 yards). There is 2 hours of free parking. This is my first time trying this. Anybody know of any pitfalls...
  19. Sexy_Bastard

    Sat afternoon parking

    in your opinions, wheres the best place to park, waiting for a fare, on a sat afternoon? I've been at a mall with no luck...
  20. RedoBeach

    Who's on 18th?

    You left your car in the middle of the single lane blocking traffic while you ran into get pizza when there was a full car length space available immediately next to you. DONT BE SUCH A @@@@@@.