palm springs

  1. Helena4cats

    New application to Uber

    Hello, I'm Helena from La Quinta Ca. 25 miles east of Palm Springs. Here's my problem. I have completed all the steps in the uber application to drive except for photo and LAX placard. First, I don't want to go to LAX, it's over 120 miles from me and don't wish to drive that far. Do I have to...
  2. Tim 33

    Joshua Tree high desert

    Lyft doesn't know the high desert of Joshua tree and many things go wrong. Thank you for your email. I have a few points of feedback that I would like to share about Joshua Tree and the high desert of California. We get $.75 a mile. Sometimes we get requested up to 30 minutes away. Lyft...
  3. Inland driver

    Funky UberEats delivery boundaries

    Hi, just recently signed up to deliver in Riverside area. Whenever I try to go online after my regular job in Chino, I get the error "your vehicle can not operate in Inland Empire" I called support and their explanation is because I am assigned to Palm Springs. What's strange is that the app...
  4. Matty760

    YAY, Finally a Palm Springs area page! No more IE stuff!

    Took a over a year but now we can have Palm Springs specific stuff now. welcome all!
  5. samsax

    surge times palm springs/ie

    i just started driving for uber full time while im in between jobs, and its been kinda hard. i live in joshua tree but have to drive to either riverside or palm springs to get any or a lot of business. riverside has been good in the early mornings - like 9 am or so. anyone have any advice on...
  6. Saranaynay

    Cannot operate in Palm Springs

    So hopefully someone here can help me since uber can't. I am trying to drive in my hometown Temecula where I always drive. But if I go online it said I cannot because my vehicle is not allowed to operate in Palm Springs, I'm not in Palm Springs obviously. I've contacted uber multiple times. They...
  7. Matty760

    Palm Springs, CA

    If you are Uber and/or lyft drivers in the Palm Springs area then give a shout out here so we can create a sub forum for us!