palm beach airport

  1. J

    Palm Beach County

    Yesterday was my first night working for Uber and I started at 5pm downtown WPB and Finished at 4:20am in Miami Beach. I did a total of 15 Trips and my estimated payout out is $121.69. My plan is to do it Thursday thru Saturday but I am trying to find out if its better to stay in WPB are or go...
  2. R

    Palm Beach County "In Season"

    Greetings, New Lux driver here. I'm curious to know whether we are now considered to be "in season" in Palm Beach County and whether we can expect to earn any money. Thanks in advance, --- Stephen
  3. Uber Brazil/USA

    MIA staging lot?

    Is there a staging lot for MIA like FLL or just FIFO zone. If not, where do u guys wait?, What about PBI? Thanks!