1. njn

    Reported app for TLC violations

    Saw this http://reportedly.weebly.com/ in the NYC forum. Report TLC violations like point to point in NJ to 311 with ease. https://uberpeople.net/threads/now-all-of-nyc-has-the-power-of-reporting.206661/
  2. midori

    P2P Turnaround Time After Submission

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew about how long it takes to get the actual license after submitting the paperwork. I have all my docs together and plan on taking it up to Piedmont tomorrow morning.
  3. Beezer

    P2P License and Taxation

    I am applying for a P2P in Columbus. Before I do so, I have a question about the tax part. There's a part on the application that asks whether or not you have an existing tax account with Columbus or if you 'haven't needed one until this point'. I assume by this statement that the City of...
  4. Cavsfan23

    P2P geofencing/driving anywhere in Ohio

    Hello, Just had a couple of questions/concerns. Does anybody else drive in other cities in OH such as Cleveland or Cincinnati? I started off driving in Cleveland earlier this year. Then a couple months later when I began school here, I went to the Uber office in Columbus and they added...
  5. MeterMan

    Brand spankin new.

    Haven't even been out yet. Have already received a few notices that I have to buy into the P2P license in Columbus. We shall see.