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  1. S

    Changing ownership

    Hey guys, I need some advice about transferring a car from the owner's name to mine without losing TLC sticker, license plate and etc. Did anybody has experience like this or heard or knows about this kinda situation? Would appreciate your help and advices! ✌
  2. Vishnu643

    Pros and cons to using your own car vs rental?

    So I been crunching numbers and thinking this over for a while now, and I've decided to come nearly to the decision that owning/financing is better than renting (leasing I'm sure is a monster all by itself and I won't bother with that). Here's what I've deduced thus far. Owning I don't have to...
  3. nomogmos

    How much of Uber does Jeff Bezos own?

    Jeff Bezos; amazon founder (and CEO?), which has a HUGE contract with the CIA to host its ??; who owns the Washington Post. What's his stake in uber? Does amazon host any of uber's networks and internet traffic? There was a crooked global oligarch, who crookedly rode in an uber car, for a...
  4. TwoFiddyMile

    Juno says it will be "driver owned".