out of state

  1. BadYota

    Time to charge extra for out of state trips

    It’s about time that Uber/Lyft charge passengers extra for taking their drivers across state lines. Not only do the drivers have to dead head back to the state but they have no way to pick up passengers until well into their home market. I don’t care what national monument is awaiting me when I...
  2. S

    Can I drive in New York with a PA license?

    I live about 15 miles from the city I want to drive in, but it's in another state (New York.) The closest PA city to drive in is 45 miles away. I'm still waiting to be approved to drive. My background check says "consider" and my license, insurance, and registration is approved. My profile...
  3. UberPotomac

    Out of State UBER

    Today I saw a Illinois TAG from CHICAGO ubering in Bethesda.It was not rental . Red corolla bought on a Chicago dealer with metal tags. Is UBER allowing out of state cars? I tried to work in SOUTHAMPTON 2 years ago and they requested a NY STATE REGISTRATION with a new driver application. Is...
  4. RyC

    Out Of State Drivers?

    Hey guys! I really want to be an Uber driver for a while just to see what it's like. My license, registration and insurance are all in NJ. I remembered one time a driver told me his documents are all NY. I was wondering is there anyone knows if driving in State College with out of state...
  5. Mardi-Mar

    Rochester to Washington, DC

    Hi! New to Uber. I live in Rochester NY, and just signed up. They are doing my background check now. Uber isn't in Rochester yet, however I go to Washington DC a lot for work and would like to Uber there. Is there another hoop I need to leap through to Uber in another state? Any ufo on this...
  6. Uffda

    Riders to NYC

    How do Southwestern CT drivers feel about rides into NYC or NJ, especially late night? Is it worth it, even though it's almost definitely just one way? Just started driving UberXL on Friday evening. My third trip of the evening was across the Tappan Zee Bridge into NJ, with a stop in...
  7. BullShipley

    Out of state tags

    Can you drive for uber if you move from one state to another with the same plate until it expires. It won't let me go online now that I have moved. What do I need to do?