1. u_no_me

    Whatever happened to Chicago ordinance...

    Sorry if I missed the thread, or maybe I'm just misremembering the news, But wasn't there a Chicago ordinance passed like last summer that included giving TNP drivers online tests? It may even have been in the same ordinance as the 10 hr rule. I figure you guys are better than Google for me on this.
  2. BurgerTiime

    Las Vegas App-Hailing ordinance passes!

    All get ready to register as a business and obtain a business license, for a fee of course! http://www.thenewstribune.com/news/business/article154498614.html The Latest on the final day of legislative activity in the Nevada Assembly and Nevada Senate (all times local PDT): New oversight...
  3. WestSubDriver

    Proposed New Amendments to TNP Rules

    Not sure if anyone has posted these yet. See attached for proposed amendments to the Chicago TNP Rules. I've also attached the document with instructions on how to comment. Public comments due via email by next Wed, Nov. 23rd. Can also be found on the Chicago Business Affairs and Consumer...
  4. Driverx19

    When Uber leaves Chicago will we still be able to drive in the suburbs?

    When Uber leaves Chicago will that kill the whole Chicago area market, or will we still be able to drive in the suburbs? Anyone have any Idea?