1. OrlUberOffDriver

    AT&T and Verizon

    Limit your location sharing by these 2 providers. AT&T at: http://www.att.com/cpni/optout Verizon at: http://www.verizonwireless.com/myprivacy/
  2. Cou-ber

    Lyft Opt Out

    If, like me, on or around April 10th, you agreed to a new Terms of Use with Lyft. From the day you accepted, you have 30 days to opt-out of arbitration with respect to Driver Claims. Must be in writing. It was a @@@@@ to find in the Terms and I’m convinced when I accessed the Terms elsewhere...
  3. U

    Anyone else contacted about the Uber lawsuit?

    I was just contacted because I opted out. I doubt I'll see money, but I'm so ready to send them anything they want to squeeze Uber for cheating us drivers.
  4. Maven

    Will Uber Pull Out of Westchester County?

    Isn't chaos fun? Nothing like a last minute political showdown on Wednesday June 28th, the day before the new law is supposed to take effect on Thursday June 29th. Gotta love Westchester County politics. Will anybody discuss or champion the 10,000 drivers that have signed up to drive for Uber in...
  5. Sfla415guy

    Stopped recieving Uberpool requests without any sort of "opt-out"

    Curious if this has happened to anyone else. I started keeping track 3 days ago, but started to take notice almost a week ago now. I have not recieved a single Uberpool request yet I have not attempted to opt-out in any way. I have been thinking about it. Reading up on it quite a bit lately...
  6. Toonces-the-cat

    You spoke and we listened

    Uber listens as long as it fits into its' agenda. How many times have you asked to opt out of pool? How come your requests fall on deaf ears? If opting out of pool was a positive PR move, Uber would grant your request faster than a pitch by Clayton Kershaw. I am sure that you have received...
  7. JerseyBoy911

    Lyft Binding Arbitration??

    So anyone getting the updated contract agreement? and also, I don't think there is a way to opt out!
  8. New2This

    Success at opting out of Pool...

    Not me, from the L.A. Boards. I will try this. I'm sure I'll get the runaround from Rohit & the rest of the Bangalore Mafia but it's worth a try. https://uberpeople.net/threads/confirmed-opted-out-of-pool.101631/
  9. optyman

    LAWSUIT - Opt out of Uber Arbitration now, even if beyond 30 days.

    Even if you are beyond the 30 days from the December 11, 2015 acceptance of Uber's new terms, please send an email to [email protected] with your name & state asking to "opt out" of Uber's new arbitration terms. The arbitration process most often favors the big guy. Attorney advice: Do this...
  10. txtim1982

    BAP Opt Out (Quoted from scrolling banner)

    If you haven't done so, read through this, via one of our friends in Chicago, It is on the scrolling banner /\ up there for the full post.
  11. RideShareStrategy

    To opt out or not?

    Generally, class action suits benefit employees/former employees quite a bit. I don't like to be bound to arbitration, so I'm thinking of opting out. What about you?
  12. grams777

    New US Uber Partner Agreement - Dec 11, 2015 (Arbitration)

    Received: December 11, 2015, Beginning today, the next time you log onto the Uber app, you will receive a pop-up notification about a new driver-partner agreement. You will be prompted to accept the new agreement before you can continue to go online and begin accepting trips. However, you have...
  13. Michael - Cleveland

    How To OPT-OUT of the Arbitration Provision

    (from the US Nov 2014 Partner Agreement) viii. Your Right To Opt Out Of Arbitration. Arbitration is not a mandatory condition of your contractual relationship with the Company. If you do not want to be subject to this Arbitration Provision, you may opt out of this Arbitration Provision by...